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Yin House Feng Shui: Royal Gothic Romance

This is not your garden-variety Feng Shui.
Yin House Feng Shui is like the PhD level of Feng Shui. In a nutshell, it is Feng Shui for the Ancestors, aka Feng Shui for burial sites.

And who better to illustrate this than a long chain of Royals, whose lives have filled the pages of history.

I am in London this week to visit St. George Chapel at Windsor Castle, where most Royal ancestors are buried, including Henry VIII (Elizabeth I’s father), Victoria’s closest ancestral lineage (all in a closed-to-the –public underground volt, I know, very gothic) and the current Queen, Elizabeth II’s, father and grandfather. Given the worldwide impact that these Queens have had in their long mandates – unique for longevity and historical effects – I can’t but wonder how much of it was due to the Feng Shui of their ancestor’s grave site, know in the industry as Yin House Feng Shui.

Although most people may not care much for dead Royals – not much gossips, I guess – for a Feng Shui Master like myself it is a priceless case study in the effects of Yin House Feng Shui, a very complicated and unusual branch of Scientific Feng Shui that deals with the positioning of a gravesite for the benefit of the deceased’s descendants. A big deal if you are an aging ruling leader concern with the fate of your empire.

Yin House Feng Shui with Master Simona
St. George Chapel – Yin House Feng Shui Case Study of Henry VIII

However, since Feng Shui was not know in the West until the late 20th century, it is safe to assume that the destiny befell upon the Royals—as everybody else who doesn’t plan with Feng Shui—was an “accident” based on the location of the gravesites of their ancestors. (Note: In the enclosed picture, the black memorial stone in the middle of the chapel near the black and white checkered pavement is Henry VIII grave.)

Intriguing how such “randomness” creates all sorts of effect on people’s lives, and more so when such people are decision makers and leaders, and their lives have effects on major historical events. For example: all three Queens were legitimate heiress, however, they also were not the most direct candidates for the throne. And yet, history twisted and turned greatly to eventually lead them there. Pure randomness??? What fascinating circumstances to study!

Yin House Feng Shui with Master Simona
St.George Chapel

So, with dark stormy clouds at the horizon (in true English Gothic fashion) and carrying my best compass, I hopped on my way to Windsor with a friend and once there, “grilled” the willing docents available about each grave, date of burial, coffin’s orientation, and their relation to either current or past rulers.

Truth to be told, all the docents were extremely pleasant and willing to navigate me though the intricacies of British history and family trees for several hours. Hence, I have now gathered enough material for a long, long intricate case study analysis that will keep me occupied for months and I am expecting it will be extremely interesting as it unfolds.

After getting all my information straightened out and the compass orientations marked down, my friend and I began making our way back to London. However, once we left the castle we got caught in the middle of a major storm that made it impossible to travel, so we decided to stop for lunch at a local pub that could trace its roots back to the time of Henry VIII.

Coincidentally, that proved to be a wise decision since while we were having lunch lightening struck twice on the rail road tracks that we were going to be on, sending the entire line into shut down mode. Luckily we were warm and cozy in the pub and made our way back to London later in the day once the line was restored. Could it have possibly been divine intervention via the “Royal ghosts” that had us held up safely in a “Royal Pub” rather than sitting in danger on the tracks due to the adverse natural elements? In true English Romantic-Gothic fashion we’d like to think so! Specially because after all that, we found ourselves “delivered” safe and sound by the Royal Albert Hall, right in front of Price Albert monument.

If you are interested in learning more about Yin House Feng Shui we’ll cover that portion of material in our Feng Shui Professional Consultant Program. But due to the complexity of the material covered we recommend that you first complete our foundation class, Advanced Feng Shui for Architecture (available as a 18 Week Live or 18 Video program). These classes will provide you with the knowledge necessary to take on Yin Feng Shui information.

I look forward to sharing my findings about the Royal ancestors in St. George’s Chapel with you in our Professional classes!

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