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As season changes from the Yang expansion of summer toward the Yin in-wardness of winter, some remarkable Feng Shui landmarks are coming up ahead.

This year of the Dog 2018 has proved a bit challenging, especially in this last week as we are approaching October, which is the Dog month. This seem to be indicating an increasing number of bumps on the roads to everywhere. These bumps maybe be slow to pass as we also enter the Three-Sha months for this year too (November, December and January 2019).

Ultimately, the effects of this Dog year, as well as that of the Dog month, will effect everybody, albeit a bit differently, based on different Qi components of each individual house and birth chart. It is one of those time where having a well Feng Shui-ed house really helps.

Having said that, if the year of the Dog has been especially challenging for you thus far – particularly if your Chinese sign is Dog, Dragon, Sheep or Ox – October may be a good time to hit the pause button.

This may not be the best month to take unnecessary risks, as the Qi of the Universe is not supportive.

This include physical as well as financial risks.

Definitely avoid risky sports and activities, careless driving, excessive drinking and eating.

Also, seek calming, nourishing activities like walks in nature, meditation, yoga, spending quality time with friends and family. This will support your psychological and emotional wellness, contributing to maintain good relationship with people around you and a serene attitude. The Dog year is part of the Fire element and can be very volatile and hot headed. So, preventing emotional feelings and circumstances from escalating can make a big difference in your daily life. It will also support your physical wellbeing by preventing all risk associated with excessive stress, and help you in making better thought-thru decision.

Financially or career wise, do not walk out from your job just yet. Nor sign any contract without doing your due diligence and having had the opinion of a third (or even fourth) party. Mistaken made now will probably not take care of themselves, but rather have the chance of coming back and haunt you later.

The Dog Month starts October 8 and ends November 7, 2018.

The Three-Sha Months will follow. These three months will be a very good time for reflection and introspective analysis, as well as evaluating, planning and prepare us for the New Year ahead. It is a good time to catch up with all the loose ends left hanging for the past three years: clear the air, mend fences, and build strong relationships for the future. The slower energy of winter will be very helpful for that.

The Three-Sha months will end at Chinese New Year on February 5, 2019.

As usual, we’ll have a full New Year Forecast in January 2019. Watch out for your invite!!

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