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The end of Yin, the begining of Yang

Has 2014 started yet?
Has 2014 started yet?

February 5th marks traditionally the beginning of spring in the Feng Shui calendar: literally translated it is the “end of the Yin and the beginning of the Yang”. This is the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

This is also the point when the energy of the previous year has completely exhausted and the energy of the new year really begin effecting us.  Remember that this doesn’t happen overnight: it begins on February 5th and builds up in power as Spring weeks progress. As you have seen in my yearly forecast, this year of the Wood Horse it is expected to be a big improvement over last year, but the change doesn’t seem to want to come easy.Truthfully,  last year energy and this year energy are so different,  almost polar opposites in terms of Feng Shui, that the shift is bound to be felt by most.

Many have reported a sense of exhaustion and disassociation.

This is happening not because the New Year has a low energy, but rather because we are suddenly become aware of how hard the last year it has been and how much effort it has taken to plow through it day after day.

It is rather typical that it would take a while  into the new energy to recover from several months of low, depleting energy. So if you are experiencing that, it is a clear sign that your awareness is been restored, which also means your own energy is getting better and sharper.

All of it will be faster and easier if you have applied the many Feng Shui recommendations we provide in our classes and consultations of course,  because it is the main concern of  the Authentic, Scientific Feng Shui that we teach in our classes  and in our consultations to harvest the best energy in a building for the well-being of its occupants.

And this is all the more necessary when we need to replenish after a long, difficult time.

Take advantage of this new flow of positive energy to set your offices, your stores, your businesses and your house to be naturally supported by the life-force energy of the New Year and to support you through the next twelve months.

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