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Spring Equinox and the Li Chun

While in Western culture Spring Equinox is considered the beginning of Spring, it is instead the high-point of the season.
The Li Chun (also called, Spring Stand or End of Yin, Beginning of Yang) is the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It is one of the 4 LI or 4 Beginnings, it is based on the Solar Calendar, and it marks the official beginning of Spring.

It is also considered the beginning of the Feng Shui year. This year it occurs on February 3 at 11:08 pm.

This is when the official energy of the New Year takes hold and begin to manifest the Yang of the New Year, affecting us thru our houses, office and other spaces where we live and work.

The official Chinese New Year (which is based on the Lunar Calendar) will be on February 12.

On Spring Stand, the Yearly Trigram changes. This Year, our buildings are ruled by the Qian Trigram, which bring good leadership, as well as personal and career achievements.

On that day, we update the Feng Shui corrections in our homes and offices, as we discussed during our 2021 Year of the OX Forecast last month. If you missed the Live Webinar presentation.

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