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Spring Equinox and Chun Fen: 3 Fun-Facts

On Wednesday at 11:10 am local time we had the official CHUN FEN, which we translate as Spring Equinox. Here are 3 fun-facts to know about it from the classic Feng Shui tradition:

  • 1) Chun Fen is the peak, not the beginning.

However, Chun Fen is the peak of Spring, not the beginning. As you’ll remember from our 2024 Year of the Dragon forecast class, the official beginning of Spring in Feng Shui is February 4 – aka the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

  • 2) Time matters.

Also, because the Feng Shui calendar is based on the Sun relation to the Earth (3 Powers), it occurred at the same time “solar position” in your area time zone. That was 11:10 am your local time, no matter where you were.

  • 3) Time REALLY matters.

Finally, if your area has adopted Daylight Saving Time (DTS), you’ll need to adjust for that. The planet didn’t change its rhythm just because you moved your clock forth 1 hour. So, if you have DTS, the Chun Fen was at 12:10pm (instead of 11:10am)

Last but not Least

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