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Dr. Simona Mainini, Doctor in Architecture

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In our firm, we specialize in the application of Classical Chinese Feng Shui (also known as Scientific, Traditional or Imperial Feng Shui). We recognize that Feng Shui is a long time tested natural science, developed observing the Laws of Nature (and of Physics) to create holistic buildings, healthier environments, and the advancement of our well-being.

Feng Shui can be integrated with architectural design, interior design, and landscape design to harmonize the “energy” both inside buildings and in their surrounding properties.

We are here to assist you in properly incorporate Feng Shui into your projects and into your existing living and working environments, so that you can succeed in manifesting your higher potential.

~ Simona F. Mainini, Dr. Arch. Feng Shui Master

Founder of Feng Shui For Architecture Consulting Firm

Simona F. Mainini is a Doctor in Architecture and Feng Shui Master who uses Scientific Feng Shui to help others increase wellness, abundance and success in their lives. In particular, she has specialized in architectural projects under design, new construction and renovation.

full figure image of Simona F. Mainini, Dr. Arch. Feng Shui Master

Certificate of Appreciation for speaker Dr. Simona Mainini at the Honk Kong Scientific Feng Shui Conference of 2009








She is the Founder and Executive Director of Feng Shui For Architecture, a full-scale, “boutique” Feng Shui consulting firm that has been trailblazing the field of Feng Shui applications to architecture in the US and Europe since 1997. As a result she has formed successful relationships with many architectural and design firms, development companies and builders.

In addition to houses and estates, Dr. Mainini has consulted for the project development of banks, casinos, private clubs, corporate headquarters, flag stores, factories, warehouses, electric vehicle plans and medical facilities with budgets in excess of US$800 Million, office building project developments and warehouses for over 1Mil sqf. each, and more notably for the former Golden Monkey Pavillion at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Quote of the day by Time Magazine featuring Simona Mainini about the Feng Shui Los Angeles Zoo

Corporate, Office and Business Feng Shui Expert

Dr. Mainini has been dubbed “the expert” in the field of Feng Shui to hire when you’re looking for answers on how to apply Feng Shui in the areas of corporate, office and business to increase business venues, reduce stress, improving creativity & productivity; as well as new building development, real estate investments & management for commercial properties; casino, restaurants, hotels and other areas of hospitality; museums and auction houses; new house design and renovation, interior design and landscape design.

Simona Mainini Feng Shui consultant with her studentsWith her above-average knowledge and experience in the applications of Feng Shui to Architecture and Design, Dr. Mainini has helped hundreds of clients through her consultations worldwide, including performing artists studios, corporations, business owners and executives, homeowners, developers, diplomats, manufacturing plants, movie production companies, spiritual leaders, members of royalty and celebrities. By assisting them in correcting their “big” Feng Shui problems, she has helped them bring in the well-being, financial prosperity, and success that they need and deserve.

International Keynote Speaker

Acknowledged by her Asian peers as a Master in the field of Feng Shui, Dr. Mainini has been selected to be the only U.S. representative and keynote speaker at the International Conference on Scientific Feng Shui held in Hong Kong and Europe and the International Feng Shui Conference held in Singapore.

Simona Mainini and other speakers at the Feng Shui Conference Singapore 2007
Speakers at the International Feng Shui Convention, Singapore 2007
Simona Mainini and other speakers at the Scientific Feng Shui Conference of Hong Kong in 2009
Speakers at the 2009 Feng Shui Conference Hong Kong

Doctor in Architecture & Feng Shui Master

A Licensed Architect in Italy, Dr. Mainini earned her Doctor in Architecture degree at the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy and grew up in the Italian interior design business as practiced by her family in Northern Italy.

Simona Mainini with her godfather in the I-Ching room at the Bailin Museum in Xi'an, China, Oct 1999
Dr. Mainini with her Godfather and Feng Shui mentor in the I-Ching room of the Bailin Museum, Xi’an, China, October 1999

She then trained with her Chinese godfather for over 15 years in authentic Classical Lineage Chinese Feng Shui.

In addition to her considerable training in Chinese Feng Shui, she also brings to her services and teaching elements of Professional Space Planning as well as Design, Color and Light Psychology as developed in Europe and the US and successfully integrated these two fields. Because of this unique approach to design, she has been teaching classes on Feng Shui at the Department of Architecture and Interior Design of UCLA Extension for 20 years, contributing to the Feng Shui education of most Los Angeles’ Designers and Architects.

Feng Shui Author

Cover of the book by Simona- Mainini Feng Shui for ArchitectureHer first book Feng Shui for Architecture has become a classic of Feng Shui design and it is used as a reference for both designers, realtors, home owners and home buyers.

Feng Shui for Architecture is a beginning-level, easy-to-use manual designed to help readers incorporate the ancient science and philosophy of Feng Shui into the design, building, remodeling, and decorating of their homes to support the well being of its occupants in all aspects of their lives. This is the text book for our Feng Shui Beginning Course 1.

Aside from its many inspirations and resources, this book is also the result of questions that have arisen in classes taught at UCLA Ex. by the author and issues brought up by students, as well as by architects, designers, and clients.

Master Teacher

Dr.Simona Mainini Feng Shui presenation in front of a large crowdIn 2011, she expanded her Training Programs in her Feng Shui for Architecture Training Center, where thru several courses and Certificate programs, she is busy training the next generation of Feng Shui Masters.

In addition to a variety of Feng Shui short classes, the Center also offers 3 Feng Shui Certification programs namely Feng Shui for Architecture and Design, Professional Feng Shui Consultant and Feng Shui Master, plus a  Feng Shui Practicum one-to-one mentorship for Graduates of these programs.

Key Note Speaker

Dr. Mainini has also been key note speaker at design and construction industry gatherings and groups like Westweek, NeoconBIA (Building Industry Association), AIA (American Institute of Architects) and ASID (American Society of Interior Designers); and has been hired by Canon Europe to do a comprehensive report on the effects of using Scientific Feng Shui to reduce office stress. She is a regular speaker at corporate events, for health and wellness organization, and other Feng Shui enthusiasts private group events.

Flyer of Simona-Mainini-Feng-Shui-presentation-at-ASID-Orange-CountyFlyer of Simona-Mainini-Feng-Shui-presentation-at-ASID Los Angeles

BBC News Article about Simona Mainini and her consultation for the Feng SHui LoS Angeles Zoo

Article on Forbes about Simona Mainini and her Feng SHui consultation for the Canon report on the use of Feng Shui to counter Office Stress