How to Select a Feng Shui Consultant

I had just been hired to review the plans for a new, sizable property in the West Los Angeles area. It is an interesting situation because I am faces with two challenges:

The first is: the design has been done by one of the most famous Los Angeles authority in the field of architecture – very high profile AIA senior member and a gentleman I have known and respected, as architect, for a very long time.

I am at an advantage in this case since I have also received an architectural training, hence I have more sensitivity toward the details of his design than a regular consultant would. In addition I have been teaching Feng Shui at the Department of Architecture and Interior Design of UCLA Ex. for 15 years, so I know how to give concise and sound instructions that are effective from both the Architecture and the Feng Shui perspective without interfering with the original creative thinking. In other word, I am less likely to butcher the project it in the name of Feng Shui.

My other professional challenge is that I am not the first or second Feng Shui opinion requested, but rather the third or fourth. It is not a real challenge thou, since most of the previous consultants did not specialize like I do in architectural projects, so I am pretty sure the solutions they provided are not as effective.

In fact, after reviewing the recommendations provided by previous consultants, I had to conclude that they are simply “inappropriate” for an architectural project. Obviously any of the previous consultant didn’t have an architectural training, and possibly a rather dubious Feng Shui training too (given some of the recommendations), and the kind of suggestions they had made were rather unsuitable for the lot, the architectural design and the lifestyle of the client.

Someone has recommended to rearrange a few piece of furniture – which really doesn’t achieve much in a several thousand square feet home. Another has recommended to “flip” the floor plan on the lot (completely disregarding the zoning and building department requirement, BTW) and frankly not getting much of an improvement on a Feng Shui level. Yes, I know what you are thinking, but that is what you get when a consultant lacks proper Feng Shui training. I see this all the time.

So, after meeting with the owner and the design team, and after reviewing the entire property, I came up with six alternatives that still fit the city requirement and maintain the architect’s vision. Admittedly, some are probably more sensible then others, but they are all valid from a Feng Shui Architecture perspective.

After brainstorming with the architects and the property owner, we have narrow down our choices to one, which is under redesign right now. And all of this was accomplished in only two meetings. THIS is what you get when you hire a truly experienced and qualified consultant like myself or one of my FSA Training Center graduates.

What about the previous consultations, you may ask? Well, my client is not going to get any benefit and no reimbursement either from any of them. So I guess they were a waste of time and money. That is why choosing a really qualified consultant is important (and make sure they credentials are verifiable too).

Whether you are designing a new building, renovating one or planning to purchase one to live or work in, you can most certainly benefit from having a Feng Shui consultant working along the side with you to make sure your project is successful. Because since building effects occupants, the Feng Shui of your building is going to have an effect on you too.

But when you deal with an architectural project, the skills and knowledge of the consultant you choose will make all the difference, as they have made for my client.

If you’re planning on hiring a consultant and are not sure about their qualification, drop me a line and I will be happy to give you some “pro” suggestions. Call 310-860-8989 or e-mail


"Thank you for your responding so quickly and for you patience in trying to relay the data to a novice. I don't fully understand the workings of feng shui but believe in the concept and am excited to apply your suggestions. I appreciate your help."

- Catherine C., Construction Company CEO, Lake Village, AR


"There was a great rapport with Dr. Mainini due to her training as an architect and her great ability to listen and interpret our concerns We immediately honed in on the issues attributing to the perception of comfort in response to our light-deficient environment. Her input and dialogue with us during the design process were instrumental in both finalizing decision as well as inspiring alternative design ideas.


Most importantly, what Simona gave us was a way of looking at space and energy perceived by the body: this we believe contributes to a more comprehensive way of arriving at design for our built environment"

- Annie Chu, AIA - Principal, Chu+Goodings Architects, Los Angeles, CA


"Thank you so much for all your help with our new house. Not only it is beautiful, comfortable and we very much enjoy spending time in it and in our backyard, it has brought us so many career opportunities, most of which we never dreamed of! My Husband business has tripled its venue, both my children have achieved their highest academic results ever, and we are in demenads in their sports team. Not only we are happy as a family, we are also very successful and accomplished in all other aspects of our life. Thank you again Dr. Mainini."

- G. & J. Y., Newport Beach, CA


"Dear Dr. Mainini… My family and I just moved into our new house. Given the great results we experienced after you consulted for us on our previous house, we decided to now have you consult for us once again on this new one. To be honest, we shopped around for other Feng Shui consultants too, but none of them worked out as successfully as you did for us in our previous house, so please, please, please come and work with us again in this new house."

- S. & K. H., Burbank, CA


"My firm had always been successful until we moved to our new location. About the same time we started losing clients. We consulted Feng Shui Architecture and, after harmonizing the flow of energy in the office, our employees keep increasing their productivity , our firm has been further promoted and we have had many important commission among which are the Boston Court House and the Mc Carren Airport in Las Vegas."

- T.J. De Ganyar - Principal, ASI-Advance Structures Inc., Santa Monica, CA


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Feng Shui for Architecture by  Dr. Simona Mainini

Feng Shui for Architecture by Dr. Simona Mainini
Feng Shui for Architecture by  Dr. Simona Mainini