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Hello Everybody!!

If you feel the world has gone mad, like we do, join us in practicing what we teach. Let’s change the group consciousness through visualizing a better world.

How do we do that?

Just close your eyes for a second and think of the most beautiful, peaceful and serene outcome for 2017 you can at this time. Let the words beautiful, peaceful and serene just run through you for a moment.

Did you noticed how much better you feel by just doing that?

Feel free to do it anytime you need some positive energy.

You can do it at anytime during the day (not when you are driving please), while sitting at your desk at work, or while taking a break.

I also strongly suggest you do it in the morning before leaving the house too. That really works to set the energy for the whole day :-))

You can also expand it to a longer meditation of 10 min. or longer if you have time. Just sit on a regular, comfortable chair, with a straight back and feet touching the floor. Eyes closed, take a few nice deep breaths and let the image of your beautiful, peaceful and serene world float in front of your mind’s eye.

And before going to sleep to have a better, more restful night. Again, 10 minutes sitting comfortably on a chair, with your eyes closed, looking at your ideal world vision can be very powerful to let go of the day.

As you envision your desired outcome for 2017 and you do it day after day, you can expand your vision, from how you’d like your days to be – easy, happy, fun, with everybody around you being nice and kind – to how you’d like the world at large to be – well, easy, happy, fun, full of nice and kind people works here too.

How does your vision of a easy, happy, fun world looks like?

As you visit that dimension, let the feeling you experience run through your body and tell your body to remember it and to take it with you during the day.

You can even sum it up on demand during the day. Just close your eyes for a second and remember that feeling.

As you do this, many thoughts will cross your mind, some distracting you, and some even telling you this is stupid and will never happen. This is usually a sign you are doing an excellent job at this meditation.

So keep it up and don’t give up. Eventually these bad thoughts will stop.

The more you continue, the happier you’ll be and the faster the people around you will start responding positively to it. The more of us do this consistently, the faster our group energy will change the planet’s group energy.

There has never been a better time to test our theories on the quantum effects of meditation then this, right?

So what are you waiting for?

How does your most desirable, peaceful, happy and serene outcome for 2017 looks like?

Mine for now has a bit of the qualities and feel of the pictures above. You are welcome to borrow it as a starting point. It may change and expand as I go along, and so will yours. That is the effect of your creativity at work.

Welcome that!!

Honor that!!

You can add on too: you can envision it to be creative, to have kind and respectful communication, to have truth and honesty, to have validation, and so on.

Now go on and envision yours.

You have permission to envision and manifest how 2017 is going to be for you.

And keep me posted on how this meditation is working for you.

With the Best Wishes of Boundless Happiness, Health, Peace and Prosperity for this New Year

Lots of Love to You All,