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Home Staging Tips for Sellers

Home Staging Tips for Sellers Workshop

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Feng Shui Master Simona Mainini, Dr. Arch. will share with you insightful information about what she found in her 25 years of experience in Feng Shui consulting: The Energy Secret behind Curb Appeal and…how to use it for best sales.

Dr. Mainini will discuss:

• What is a good “energy” property
• How to spot a “energy-problems” property
• How to enhance any house’s “energy” to maximize its sale potential
• The Feng Shui Secret Behind Curb Appeal
• How to turn Curb Appeal into a bidding war
• How to “Energy Stage” for the right audience
• What can be corrected and what cannot, and the alternative options

This course is open and recommended to sellers, real estate agents and brokers and professional stagers. The course is not design to teach you how to do your job: it will give you extra Feng Shui tools at your disposal so you can be even more effective at what you already do.

If you represent a brokers or realtor’s office and seek to register all your associates, please email us directly for special group options and pricing here.

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