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Haunted House or just Bad Feng Shui?

It is not uncommon in my profession to have people come up to me and say, “I have a ghost in my house. How do I get rid of it?

After talking a bit more in depth, I often discover that the person has come to the conclusion that the house must have a ghost because things have gone down the drain ever since having moved in. “I moved here from Las Vegas because I was offered this wonderful job and a week after moving in, I lost it,” one client told me and, “My husband and I moved in here and shortly after began having relationship problems until eventually we separated and later got a divorce” another said.

More often than not these kinds of scenarios are very clear examples of houses with Bad Feng Shui. A beginner may not be able to discern the difference between Bad Feng Shui and ghosts. Let me give you some examples:

Bad Feng Shui Tip #1:  If you move in to a new house and you seem to have a bad streak of luck (meaning not just one bad thing happens, but one bad thing keeps happening after the other), get some information about the previous owners, either directly or via real estate agents or the neighbors. If the house has had a history of bad luck chances are that the energy of the building (a.k.a. the Feng Shui) has had problems since it’s inception that ended up effecting the previous occupants adversely, just as it is now affecting you.

More explicitly, if a house appears to have had bad luck on a financial level– job losses, bankruptcy, poor investments– chance are this house has a Feng Shui problem with the energy of finances. On the other hand, a house that has been witnessing broken relationships, health problems, or tragic and/or sudden deaths is definitely a house with problems on the Feng Shui of health and relationships. Some really adverse houses may suffer both.

Using some proper Feng Shui corrections will give you the best results to correct these problems if you plan to stay.

Bad Feng Shui Tip #2:  Houses tend to record energies (like memories) from the previous owners, but not their life experience. This happens when you see a ghost in your house, but it doesn’t seem to notice you– it is just walking down the hallway or sitting by the window.

This phenomenon, observed and defined as a “recorded effect” by ghosts experts in England several years ago, acknowledged the “energy imprint” of previous owners that is recorded by the house like a memory and played back randomly. So what you’re seeing is not actually a ghost, but a “playback” of some previous owner’s life and it doesn’t have much consequence on you and your life.

To clear these pockets of energy a good, thorough physical cleaning-out of the space and possibly some changes in old accessories and furnishings (carpet, wood paneling, wall paints, furniture) can do wonders to erase the old house memories.

Bad Feng Shui Tip #3:  The truly haunted houses are those that have one live-in entity– or more– with whom more than one member of the family has interacted, perhaps several times.

These entities are “stuck” and so “earth bounded” that their energy is perceived by a living person as a very intense emotional energy field. (For example, “blinding fear”– which many people experience in the presence of such ghosts– is actually not their own energy but part of the entity’s energy field.)

In many cases the entity is able to move physical objects (for example, throwing books from a shelf across the room), and they sometimes do this maliciously, but most of the time they do it simply out of the desire to be noticed and to initiate some kind of communication with the living occupants. In some cases they can also produce voice-like sounds.

Most of the time the communication is telepathic, meaning you’d hear the voice in your head and know is not your own voice but you do not know where it is coming from. In this kind of situation it is perfectly okay to address the entity as if it were a living person and communicate with them verbally out loud by saying, “Please Go Away”

There is no need to be scared, if you can manage not to be. Also, this is definitely a good time for “Ghostbusters” to be called in, or, more traditionally, Shamans and Priests who have been trained in helping the stuck entities disengaged from the earthly plane and move on and away from your place– or even eliminate any malicious entity who may be causing some real problems entirely.

Are you spooked yet?

I thought you may also like to know that the instances of real haunted house and house possession as stated in number three are really very limited. House memories playback in number two are far more popular and yet, only a small percentage of “bad energy houses” can be attributed to that. Bad Feng Shui houses in number one are, fortunately or unfortunately, a lot more common but also luckily, more fixable. You can do it yourself or ask the help of a qualified Feng Shui consultant to help you set the house straight and get rid of the “bad luck” energy. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

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