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Q: My husband and I have been looking to make some changes around the house recently, and I remember hearing about a form of Chinese home-design that really interested me at the time. I don't remember the name of the design, but I was wondering if you might have heard of it and who to contact for more information.


A: You are most probably referring an ancient Chinese discipline called Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway). I recently had the opportunity to meet Simona Mainini, a Feng Shui consultant from Feng Shui for Architecture in Beverly Hills, and we chatted about the concept of Feng Shui and how it applies to homeowners.


Mainini told me that "Ancient Chinese traditions are aware that the environment around us affects our well being. The Chinese developed Acupuncture hundreds of years ago. Feng Shui studies how the energy of buildings affects people. So in that respect, Feng Shui can be considered as a form of Acupuncture for buildings.


Diagram of energy distribution for a building as it results from its orientation



"Feng Shui specialists have discovered that, among other things, when a building is built it seals inside the qualities of the earth's magnetic field. These qualities become somehow the 'energetic DNA' of the building and it affects the inhabitants as long as the building stands. If the building has positive characteristics, the people living will cruise trough life in a much happier and easier way than those who live in a building where the energy is not as good."


The Traditional Feng Shui specialist undergoes years of strict training to learn the theories and principles of how 'Chi" works. "Chi' is the Chinese name for 'life force energy', or' breath of life', contained in everything existing in nature. The study of where it comes from and how it is distributed in the environment; how it affects human beings; and most importantly, how to 'manipulate it' so that it has positive effects is the typical job of a Feng Shui specialist.


"It can be applied to existing buildings, remodeling and new projects as well," continues Mainini. The style of the building can be traditional or modern -- it doesn't really matter. Feng Shui is not a design trend, but an holistic approach to increasing one's well-being and can be combined with every architectural style. It is applied both to residential (for personal and family harmony) and commercial units (for productivity and financial prosperity)."


With the help of a geomancer compass, the traditional consultant will run trough an in-depth analysis of your property in order to find out where changes and upgrades are necessary. The standard evaluation involves analysis of the site layout and landscape, internal room layout and furniture location, the calculation of the Chi "energy values" in each room and the compatibility between the people and the building.


Importantly, the main concern of the consultant will be to harmonize your living space with you and your needs. Feng Shui assumes that if a balance of energies can be maintained with architectural, landscape and interior design, then your overall productivity and happiness will improve.


"It sounds complex, but what happens is that the consultant literally looks at all aspects where 'negative' influences may be hiding. Then, based on their finding, he or she recommends the corrections. The analysis is very accurate and the correction very effective, yet still simple and appropriate. For new projects, most cases can be easily solved by modifying a part of the design when still on paper."


Most of the time, positive changes can be felt in between 2 to 4 weeks from the time the consultation had taken place and the correction made. Once corrected, "the positive effects are there to stay," says Mainini.


For more information, contact Feng Shui Architecture. at (310) 860-8989 or email at dr.simona@fengshuiarch.com.




"Thank you for your responding so quickly and for you patience in trying to relay the data to a novice. I don't fully understand the workings of feng shui but believe in the concept and am excited to apply your suggestions. I appreciate your help."

- Catherine C., Construction Company CEO, Lake Village, AR


"There was a great rapport with Dr. Mainini due to her training as an architect and her great ability to listen and interpret our concerns We immediately honed in on the issues attributing to the perception of comfort in response to our light-deficient environment. Her input and dialogue with us during the design process were instrumental in both finalizing decision as well as inspiring alternative design ideas.


Most importantly, what Simona gave us was a way of looking at space and energy perceived by the body: this we believe contributes to a more comprehensive way of arriving at design for our built environment"

- Annie Chu, AIA - Principal, Chu+Goodings Architects, Los Angeles, CA


"Thank you so much for all your help with our new house. Not only it is beautiful, comfortable and we very much enjoy spending time in it and in our backyard, it has brought us so many career opportunities, most of which we never dreamed of! My Husband business has tripled its venue, both my children have achieved their highest academic results ever, and we are in demenads in their sports team. Not only we are happy as a family, we are also very successful and accomplished in all other aspects of our life. Thank you again Dr. Mainini."

- G. & J. Y., Newport Beach, CA


"Dear Dr. Mainini… My family and I just moved into our new house. Given the great results we experienced after you consulted for us on our previous house, we decided to now have you consult for us once again on this new one. To be honest, we shopped around for other Feng Shui consultants too, but none of them worked out as successfully as you did for us in our previous house, so please, please, please come and work with us again in this new house."

- S. & K. H., Burbank, CA


"My firm had always been successful until we moved to our new location. About the same time we started losing clients. We consulted Feng Shui Architecture and, after harmonizing the flow of energy in the office, our employees keep increasing their productivity , our firm has been further promoted and we have had many important commission among which are the Boston Court House and the Mc Carren Airport in Las Vegas."

- T.J. De Ganyar - Principal, ASI-Advance Structures Inc., Santa Monica, CA


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Feng Shui for Architecture by  Dr. Simona Mainini

Feng Shui for Architecture by Dr. Simona Mainini
Feng Shui for Architecture by  Dr. Simona Mainini