“I have really enjoyed the class. I've wanted to get an accurate understanding of Feng Shui for a long time. Thank you!”

—E. O., Interior Designer, Santa Barbara, CA


“I want to say how much I love the Feng Shui for Architecture class. Your approach, which is much more professional and practical than most Feng Shui books I have read, suits me perfectly. I looked on my bookshelf after class the other night and noticed that I have 6 Feng Shui books, 8 books on Chinese Medicine and the 5 elements, and 3 books on Vastu. Finally, I feel very fortunate that I have found you as teacher!”

—T. B., Civil Engineer, Santa Cruz, CA


“Dr. Mainini …I love your class! It is exactly what I was looking for and totally up my alley.”

—C.S., Interior Designer, West Hollywood, CA


“I am so glad that I signed up for your class. It is by far more comprehensive than I had even expected. It is perfect for my interior design profession. Thank you.”

—L.H.H., Interior Designer, Connecticut


“Thank you so much for an amazing learning experience. Working the formulas is fun, like completing a sudoku puzzle, and interpreting the information is challenging, yet very rewarding. Your insights are amazing, and one can understand how masters work a lifetime to learn the art of Feng Shui.”

-P.R., Thousand Oaks, CA


“Dr.Simona, great class! And now I still want more. I am looking forward to more Advanced and case study sessions.”

- G.R., Green Bay, WI


“Thank you for your willingness to guide us through the analysis of sites and buildings. I am very excited to learn from you in person. Again, thank you for opening the energy of Feng Shui for me.”

-F.L.W., Boulder, CO


“On behalf of the Los Angeles Hadassah Nurses Council, I would like to thank you for the wonderful presentation that you gave to our group. We certainly enjoyed learning about the principles of Feng Shui and its application to our living environment. We greatly appreciated your expertise, time and presentation. Thank you again for a most enlightening and enjoyable program”

-Charlotte Horstein, President

Haddassah Nurses Council


“I’d like to thank you on behalf of the American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles, Committee on the Environment for your very informative presentation on the basic principles of Feng Shui. Also, I am happy to recommend you as a speaker on the subject of Feng Shui to any other organizations interested in this topic. I believe you have a lot to offer, particularly as you also bring to the topic western architectural training, and the understanding of modern design concerns and pressures.“

-Deborah Weintraub, AIA

Co-Chair, Committee on the Environment, American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles


“I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the video self study online course very much! I´ve been traveling a lot so it has not been that easy to progress as fast as I´ld like, but I am advancing nevertheless. And I´m doing the assignments and enjoying the classes greatly! From Colombia I send my regards,“

-C. G., Desegno y Harmonia, Bogota, Colombia


“I had so much fun learning about Feng Shui and I wanted to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. I got so inspired. I am organizing and reviewing all the information from the 12 weeks and will be doing lots of case studies on all my friends. Yes, I really enjoyed learning about Feng Shui and it all makes more sense now when Isee people and the way they live. I already spoke to my clients about the changes they need to do and it was really fun working with them and seeing their improvements. I have had a few great things happen in my life recently too after making the Feng Shui changes and I'm looking forward to our next session and learning more.“

-T. H. S., Interior Designer, Agoura Hills, CA

Feng Shui BaGua Chart: Your Personal Trigram

Your personal Feng Shui BaGua (Eight Trigrams) is based on your date of birth and gender. It is used to determine your compatibility with a building, as well as your most auspicious direction as well as the directions to avoid.

The cut off time is February 5 of every year (as suppose to January 1 or Chinese new year). This calculation is based on the Chinese solar calendar and this date is scientifically identified as the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, hence it is acknowledge as beginning of spring.

1920 Gen Dui
1921 Dui Gen
1922 Qian Li
1923 Kun Kan
1924 Xun Kun
1925 Zhen Zhen
1926 Kun Xun
1927 Kan Kun
1928 Li Qian
1929 Gen Dui
1930 Dui Gen
1931 Qian Li
1932 Kun Kan
1933 Xun Kun
1934 Zhen Zhen
1935 Kun Xun
1936 Kan Kun
1937 Li Qian
1938 Gen Dui
1939 Dui Gen
1940 Qian Li
1941 Kun Kan
1942 Xun Kun
1943 Zhen Zhen
1944 Kun Xun
1945 Kan Kun
1946 Li Qian
1947 Gen Dui
1948 Dui Gen
1949 Qian Li
1950 Kun Kan
1951 Xun Kun
1952 Zhen Zhen
1953 Kun Xun
1954 Kan Kun
1955 Li Qian
1956 Gen Dui
1957 Dui Gen
1958 Qian Li
1959 Kun Kan
1960 Xun Kun
1961 Zhen Zhen
1962 Kun Xun
1963 Kan Gen
1964 Li Qian
1965 Gen Dui
1966 Dui Gen
1967 Qian Li
1968 Kun Kan
1969 Xun Kun
1970 Zhen Zhen
1971 Kun Xun
1972 Kan Gen
1973 Li Qian
1974 Gen Dui
1975 Dui Gen
1976 Qian Li
1977 Kun Kan
1978 Xun Kun
1979 Zhen Zhen
1980 Kun Xun
1981 Kan Gen
1982 Li Qian
1983 Gen Dui
1984 Dui Gen
1985 Qian Li
1986 Kun Kan
1987 Xun Kun
1988 Zhen Zhen
1989 Kun Xun
1990 Kan Gen
1991 Li Qian
1992 Gen Dui
1993 Dui Gen
1994 Quin Li
1995 Kun Kan
1996 Xun Kun
1997 Zhen Zhen
1998 Kun Xun
1999 Kan Gen
2000 Li Qian
2001 Gen Dui
2002 Dui Gen
2003 Qian Li
2004 Kun Kan
2005 Xun Kun
2006 Zhen Zhen
2007 Kun Xun
2008 Kan Gen
2009 Li Qian
2010 Gen Dui
2011 Dui Gen
2012 Qian Li
2013 Kun Kan
2014 Xun Kun
2015 Zhen Zhen
2016 Kun Xun
2017 Kan Gen
2018 Li Qian
2019 Gen Dui
2020 Dui Gen




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