2008 Feng Shui Forecast

In Feng Shui, January is the last month of the official Feng Shui calendar. February 5th, also called the “spring beginning,” marks the beginning of a new year and new opportunities.

Those of you who have read my description of 2007 in the last June issue (link to article on web site) are probably holding your breath and waiting for this year of the Feng Shui calendar to pass. And probably those of you who didn’t read it are still waiting for this year to pass. 2007 was, for all practical purposes, a “slow year” with lots of delays and cancellations. But also for health issues, some of which were intense and fatal. Have you noticed that since the end of November things have begun to lighten up? Well, we are not completely in the clear until February 5, but the grip of the 2 black is definitely loosening up. It’s particularly clear for those of you who were suffering from financial ‘blockage’ due to the unsupportive ness of this year’s energy for your house, but also on a health level were you may have experienced some intense swings.

So, having said that, what does 2008 have in store for you?

Well, you’ll be happy to hear that 2008 is going to be a much mellower year-- especially if we compare it with the past two years. Yes, 2006 was also a difficult year with lots of arguments and conflicts among people and business parties, made all the more difficult from the fact that the “yearly energy” effected each house, office, and business (not just yours or mine), so even if we had fixed our own energy all those buildings that were not “corrected” were going to make their occupants – a.k.a. our friends and business colleagues-- hard to get along with.

No worries, this year will be different.

While there are still going to be some optional buildings effected on a financial or health level, overall the energy of this new year associated with the 1 White Star will be more about intelligence and things “flowing into place” rather then getting “stuck in the mud” like last year. Have you noticed that things have begun to flow more already? That your projects that seemed like they were not going anywhere and getting you frustrated out of your wits last year are suddenly picking up again, moving forward at Godspeed? If not it’s time to get the project off the shelves and get the ball rolling again.

  1. This is also a year that favors younger men and those with mid-level experience (in business) with possibilities of advancement.
  2. On a health level people with houses in this area are a bit weak on this aspect and will possibly experience kidney, blood, or ear challenges. Particularly young men, but not only. If you’re experiencing symptoms it’s time for a check-up, and perhaps to move into your guest room for this year..
  3. The Sickness Star this year is at North-West. To cancel its effects place the bronze or brass statue of a horse or a "victorious warrior" that I had you put in the NE section of your office or your retail space last year in the South section. (You will move it again on February 5th of 2009.)
  4. The Bad Luck Star is at South. To offset its effects place a bronze, brass, or steel statue of a dragon that carries the “pearl of opportunity” in the S section of your office or your retail space. Also, I do not recommend that you do any construction or renovation in this sector until February 5, 2009.
  5. (What is this in reference for? A “what kind of” star? Set it up for us like you did in the paragraphs above.) In your house place a bronze or brass statue of a peaceful Buddha in the NW and S section. If the NW or S sections coincide with the master bedroom and you are experiencing marital disharmony or would like to attract a new relationship, use a romantically inspiring statue of a couple instead. (Again, this will be relocated on February 5, 2009.)
  6. The Arguments Star is at West this year. Unless you’re an attorney, use red (to symbolize the fire element) to cancel its effects. A red painting or a lamp with a red shade and/or a red bulb will work great. More traditionally, red ribbons or banners will work too as long as they are red.
  7. The Peach Blossom (Romance) Star is in the North-East. For ladies looking to bring romance into their life get a little tabletop fountain and place it in this section to “allow the romance to blossom.” (What about men? Would it work for them? Or do something else?)
  8. This year it also just so happens to be The Year of the Rat, naturally associated with the water element. Since the 1 White Star is also associated with the water element we may be experiencing an unusually water-related year, so things may flow faster than expected. Well, all I can say is buckle your belt and enjoy the ride!


Meanwhile, if you need any assistance with the Feng Shui of your place or your project to make sure you start the new year off on the right track, contact me at dr.simona@fengshuiarch.com.

Enjoy your year!


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Feng Shui for Architecture by  Dr. Simona Mainini
Feng Shui for Architecture by Dr. Simona Mainini
Feng Shui for Architecture by  Dr. Simona Mainini
Feng Shui for Architecture by  Dr. Simona Mainini