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Feng Shui Year of the Horse – Warning: June 2014 is Fire Month in a Fire Year

Month of the HorseThis year of the Horse is plugging along and it is finally starting to feel like it. A genuine Yang-Fire year. After slow beginnings in February and March, the Yang-Fire energy of the Horse has kicked in full blast and it is still rising, getting ready to peak soon in June. So, in this Feng Shui Year of the Horse, we’ll have Fire month in a powerful Fire Year. It is all we needed to get unstuck from last year energy, as we previously discussed in my yearly forecast earlier this year.

Just a cautionary note however: as we enter June – which in the Chinese calendar is also the Horse month and starts on June 6th this year – the already powerful Horse energy of the year it is going to be further increased by the Horse month. Meaning the intensity of the Yang- Fire year is going to be double by the Yang-Fire of the month, and it will reach a couple of high points during the month, coinciding with the Horse days.

While we are tempted to think that if one is good, two or three must be better, the old wisdom of Feng Shui, particularly of Yin and Yang, warn us: when something is TOO MUCH can cause disasters. And so, because the Horse year is the strongest, when paired up with the strongest Fire month and the strongest Fire day it is NOT good news.

How should we handle this difficult month?

In general, postponing all the important things until past July 7 is a good idea (after which the month of the Horse ends and the month of the Sheep begins).

Depending on your date of birth, you maybe more or less adversely effected by this combination. So here are my suggestions in general and for the most effected signs:

1) People born in the Year of the Rat or the Horse should be particularly careful. With the exceptions of a few, most people born in these sign are most effected by this year and month on multiple aspects of their lives.

2) People born in the Monkey and Rooster year (Metal), or with an abundance of Metal elements in their charts, should also be careful, as Fire melts Metal and so the energy of the Year and month can prove difficult on a health level.

3) Anybody who’s not sure about their personal chart: take everyday easy, one step at the time, day by day. If you notice things are very hard like swimming upstream, postpone important things till after July 7, after which the month of the Sheep will begin.

4) For everybody: avoid leaving fire elements – like candles, fireplace or fire pit – unattended. Since the Fire is strong this month, it can easily get out of hand, increasing the potential for fire disasters.

5) Also, due to Yang-Fire nature, people patience may be short this month. Or shorter then usual. Be patient in all circumstances and try your best to avoid any bad mood escalation. They can have real, long lasting consequences way past this month.

6) If your house faces North or South: avoid ANY kind of construction in your building or surrounding property. Ideally, waiting until past next Chinese New Year (2015) is preferable, but if you MUST have it done now, waiting until June has passed will be preferable. If you MUST have it done before then, I suggest you seek the consult of a Feng Shui expert to help you choose a day in the month that is going to mitigate the effects of this intense combination.

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