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4 Tips about Feng Shui for Relationship

Let’s talk today about how Feng Shui for relationships.

Generally speaking, a good Feng Shui house can help with relationships, and a bad Feng Shui house can break a relationship.

Same can happen in an office, by the way. Afterall, our working environment is based on working relationships, isn’t it?

For today, we’ll focus on personal, romatic relationships and love life.

As you have already read in my newsletter before, the energy of a building is determined by the year the building was constructed (or structurally renovated) and its orientation.

The construction timing goes in 20 year cycles, so a building build in the 70s will be different from a building built in the 80s although they may have the same orientation.

All building constructed since the beginning of 2004 are significantly different that those built for the 180 years prior. The most interesting fact I have been observing in this past 5 years since this current construction cycle started, is that a good 50% of this building are extremely strong for promoting romance, or as it is traditionally described in Feng Shui, “Peach Blossom”.

In the past, most building had one only section promoting romance (out of 8). In some exceptionally few cases you may have two. In some other exceptional cases you wouldn’t have none. And now we have this multitude of buildings with 4 – yes, right – 4 sections of a building promoting romance. You can hardly move in a building without crossing one of this area.

Interestingly enough, in this past few years we have seen that romance and relationships have become more important to individuals and there seems to be a whole new brand of interest for creating meaningful relationships, marriage and family. Generally the cause it is attributed to the slow economy, but in my observation, seems like Feng Shui is also playing a strong role.

So, are all these romance houses destined to blossom? My answer is: Yes, but not all in the same manner. They also carry along a few side effects.

‍1) Some houses’ Feng Shui is good for relationships, some is not:

The romance will blossom out as meaningful long term relationship if the house has also characteristics that we call “good for relationships”. Only half of the houses have this particular condition.

2) What happens if the Feng Shui of your house is not good for Relationshps: 

If a house doesn’t have this characteristic, then two outcomes could be expected: one is that the single person living in this house has difficulty finding the right person to whom develop a meaningful relationship – it can be both a matter of quantity (not enough fish in the pond) or quality (lots of fish in the pond, but no quality guarantee).

‍3) A house that is too good for romance causes marital infedelity:

The other possible side effect involves individuals that are already in a meaningful relationship, perhaps living together in this house and they find themselves involved in extra-marital activity. This is the much more the case were one of the two has already a strong tendency in been faithful or monogamous to begin with. This kind of building could be just the drop that triggers their behavior.

I have seen cases were a couple who had straggled in the past but they finally had made a commitment and moved into a new house that had the above mentioned characteristics and found one of them reverting back to the hold pattern of engaging in several extra romantic activity on the side.

Needless to say, to help maintaining a meaningful relationship, individual prone to this kind of tendency should avoid living in a houses that have an excessive “peach blossom” energy, simply because they are naturally inclined to it already and do not need any extra that will cause the balance to tip.

‍4) If a person is too busy, the best Feng Shui may not help either: 

On the other hand, the above could be the perfect house for an individual who had strong difficulties with romantic relationship – either because their career has kept them too occupied or because of a recent separation from a previous relationship and feel extremely uncomfortable going back into the dating game.

Now, what happens instead if this building is not a house but a commercial space, like and office or a business instead?

If we have a choice, this would make a perfect building to attract a relationship related business, like a dating service, or a wedding gown store.
It also would be great for a business related to beauty and creativity, as peach blossom tend to “shine” as female beauty.
These spaces are also great for activity that involves sales as people skills are highly enhanced by this Feng Shui.
However, you need to know what’s going on with the building to be able to take advantages of the right areas and avoid costly mistakes.

If not planned careful in fact, you could end up with offices were people are investing all their energy in romantic affairs with coworkers and clients rather then executing their work, often developing relationship that can cause gossip or lead to scandals that will reflect adversely on the credibility of the company or business.

I am sure you never experience anything like it, did you?

If you are currently living or working in a building that has experience this kind of situation and would like to know how to correct them, contact me below.

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