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Broadcasting Feng Shui- Feng Shui Radio Show Interview

Simona Mainini of Feng Shui for Architecture Reveals Feng Shui Secrets of RAI Building During Popular Radio Show

Los Angeles, CA, January 27, 2009: While in Italy recently to speak at the Congress on Scientific Feng Shui, Dr. Simona Mainini was interviewed live on Milan’s popular Italian Sunday Morning Radio Show Laltrolato in the production studio of Radio2 based in the historical RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana) Building.

Feng Shui Rai Radio 2The Italian-born, U.S. based architect and Feng Shui Master– whose expertise in the application of Feng Shui to architecture has made her one of the world’s most renowned authorities on the topic– was dared by the show’s anchor Federico Taddia and producer Claudia Ceroni to do an “impromptu analysis” of the 80-year-old, famous building which was originally designed by Milan-celebrity architect Gio’ Ponti in 1929.

So while millions of Italians listened in Mainini identified the building as one that’s good for the network’s success and “audience” support. According to Mainini, this explained why RAI had always retained its place in the hearts of its audience over the years. Due to its age however, the building is currently experiencing a depletion of the original “spark” that made it famous during it’s “Golden Years.” But the network has also expanded with offices in new buildings–- hence new energy– which is a good way to keep the “good luck” going.

Lastly, she commented that the “core potential” of the building was for creativity, success, and fame specifically for people in the entertainment industry, stating, “The building orientation determines the quality of a building. Gio’ Ponti was very fortunate because without any knowledge of Feng Shui he designed a ‘ lucky’ building. Just a few degrees off on one side or the other and the building– and the network– would not have been as successful. That’s the risk when building without Feng Shui planning.” The highly talked about show is still generating interest in how Feng Shui effects all buildings hosting businesses.

Mainini is previously known to the media for writing Canon Europe’s comprehensive report on using Scientific Feng Shui to “reduce office stress and increase productivity” and for her consultation on the Los Angeles Zoo’s Golden Monkey Exhibit. Based in California, she’s an advisor to celebrities, business executives, and real estate developers worldwide.