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Bad Feng Shui Office for a Good Business

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A good Feng Shui Office is the key to Feng Shui for Business success. I never saw a bad Feng Shui office leading to a successful business. Rather the opposite.

I was in Diamond Bar last week for an Asian business owner looking to relocate his national business headquarters to an upscale area.  He really liked the prospected building, especially the fact that other big and famous companies were in the process of just moving in as well, and so he felt good about joining them.  However, he had some concerns about the “space” per se’.

As part of my prep work I was sent a floor plan of this particular space with the client’s specifications on how it was going to be laid out.  As soon as I saw the plan I frowned too.  The space had a large chuck missing, an entire corner actually, which gave the remainder of the space the shape of a triangle.

Those of you who have been my students already know where I am going next just by saying this… but for those of you who haven’t been one of my students, a triangular shaped building is often undesirable because the internal layout will cause the Qi of the space to be very unstable.  It is definitely not (if ever) desirable, especially for a Feng Shui business or a proper Feng Shui Office.

In addition, when such a large portion of a space is missing, particularly if it is a good portion—like in your money area or your career advancement area—then it is really bad news because your business will not be benefiting from those.  And the scary thing is if these sections are not there, as a Feng Shui Master, I cannot boost them up for you.  These sections should be physically present for me to make them work to your advantage and increase your business and financial success.

These kind of buildings—where the money section or the career advancement section are missing—are especially undesirable because ultimately there is nothing that can redeem them.  These are not good Feng Shui offices. And not just for my client, but in this instance, for anyone leasing spaces in that same building.  You will recognize these buildings because they have a lot of turn over.  Since the renters are not doing well, they’ll leave as soon as the lease expires (usually 5 years) and downsize or be forced to move to a less expensive area because they have suffered big losses.

When we first visited the space my client was a bit surprise from my analysis because they really, really liked the space.  But when they realized that ALL the spaces in the entire building were recently occupied by new tenants (because the previous occupants had either gone out of business or downsized) they quickly retraced their steps.

As an alternative, I was asked to do an analysis of their existing space (of which their lease was about to expire) which turned out to be comparatively superior.  Hence, they decided to stay in the existing facility, renegotiate a good deal, and renovate the current building instead of moving.  Now my work is to help them make this existing building more Feng Shui compliant—taking full advantage of their money section and career advancement section—which were only being partially used at the time of my consultation.

I have no doubt their business will increase after the changes, it always does.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

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