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The Feng Shui discipline is full of strange and complex names, but only a few stand out as much as the highly coveted “Feng Shui Money Door Entrance.” Contrary to popular belief, in Feng Shui not every front door is a Money Door, nor can you turn any door into a Money Door. It is a rare and wonderful occurrence that favors some buildings and not others. Only about 10% of buildings have a natural Money Door—meaning that without even knowing Feng Shui, the architect randomly hits it right when he or she designs it. Of course, if you are designing a building from scratch with a properly trained Feng Shui Master he or she can recommend where a Money Door should be opened intentionally (without leaving it to just “chance”).

Note: For the consumer’s sake, it is important to state that the amount of training necessary to identify a true Money Door is vastly superior to the average Feng Shui training. I have received that advanced training during the fifteen years of study I have done with my Master teacher, but I have noticed that not every Feng Shui consultant I have met understands the application of this concept, although they have heard of the name. Some will even make up their own version of a Money Door, which obviously is not the same thing I am talking about and I’m not sure how accurate it would be. So please do your research if you are planning on using a Feng Shui consultant to create a Money Door for your building to be sure he or she is qualified to recommend a true one.

How does a Feng Shui Money Door work and what are the expected results?  I’ll give you an example:

I was recently consulting for a client who owned a commercial property that she had been leasing to a video rental business for several years. Sadly, the video rental business never did very well and literally struggled to make rent, even in a high market. And when new technology took over, it pushed it right out of business. My client decided to then rent the space to a different business, a French pastry and coffee shop. The new tenant came in and, following their established formula, redesigned the space to better suit their needs.

In the process, they closed the old entrance (on one side of the façade) and opened a new one on the other side. The new business hit the ground running and has been very successful from the first day of opening six months ago.

I just like this picture very much, but in truth a bit more “red” is preferable (when you have a money door)

My client, who had originally requested a consultation with me for her own residence, was puzzled by this improvement and asked me to take a look at the commercial space, hoping to ensure that the good luck would be consistent in the future.  I did and that is how we found out that during the renovation, with the relocation of the main entrance they closed the old door (which caused delays, accidents, and was not good for business overall) and the new door—a Money Door nonetheless—was opened instead. This was done purely by accident, but with great results at this exact location. If it had been the building next to it or the building across the street even it would not have worked out as successfully. It worked out in this case; out of pure luck! 

But how many of us have this kind of luck? Given the low availability of Money Doors around, I can tell you not much. In fact, most buildings designed without Feng Shui planning (which is about 90%) end up missing the Money Door, even if the potential for one is there.

If this was your building, house, or office would you want to leave it up to fate? What if you could control your luck by working with a qualified Feng Shui Master instead? Smart entrepreneurs and business executives usually don’t test fate, which is why they are so successful (I worked with a number of them, in fact). And I have noticed in all of my consultations that the most successful enterprises across the board have Money Doors placed correctly either upon entering the building where their corporate offices are or where their retail businesses are.

Call us for a consultation so we can help you find YOUR Money Door—and the money potential of your building so you can take advantage of it!

Or, if you are a designer or a professional consultant interested in being more proficient in Feng Shui and want to find Money Doors for your own clients (whether you are a beginner or a more mature student), join our Certificate Programs in Beginning+ Advanced Feng Shui for Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape. I am looking forward to working with you and teaching you how to use many more of these incredible Feng Shui secrets.

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