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Where is My Feng Shui Money Corner?

Dear Dr. Mainini,

My Chinese friend told me that Feng Shui could help in creating more wealth. Is it true?
— Ken J., Santa Monica, CA

Dear Ken,

Yes, Feng Shui can create more wealth. I was puzzled myself when I first started learning about Feng Shui because it made sense to me that it would help with health and wellness, but with money?  I wasn’t so sure…

So I practiced for a while on my friends’ homes back then– just going by the books– and they all had such encouraging experiences that I concluded “as long as it works and was good enough for them…” and then continued to practice these “money improving” Feng Shui techniques— with continued good results.

With time and observation I also noticed that when you increase the “life energy” in a building inevitably the occupant’s level of wellness increases and so does their creativity, ambition and focus in carrying forward their goals, including financially.

Even in these times of  weak economy I have noticed that houses that have a “strong” energy seem to suffer proportionally less than those that have “weaker” energy.  So, as always, the key is to maximize the life energy of a building.

This can be achieved either by activating the “dormant” potential in the building where you live or work, or by correcting a “weakness” that it may have. There are many variables and each building is unique, so during the course of a consultation I observe the energy of the building, find out the strengths and weaknesses of it, and then make recommendations accordingly.

Also, there are Feng Shui methods that involve the date of birth of a person and his or her “life-energy” profile from a Feng Shui standpoint. Each person has specific directions that promote more income and opportunity as well as directions that cause losses, conflicts, and injuries.  These become particularly serious when a house has the entrance in one of the problematic areas for the owner, or when the person sleeps in one of these “bad” energy directions.

These potential problems are also addressed in the course of a consultation. Of course elements can be used to reduce “conflicts and losses” in bad areas and other elements are then used to enhance the “financial success” direction and the “positive opportunity” direction for an individual.

If you have been a previous client and are not sure about the exact location of your “positive opportunity” direction and your “conflicts and losses” direction, I’ll be happy to revisit them with you during your next yearly update.  And if you’ve never had a yearly update done on your home or office space before, this may be the time to start making them a New Year’s tradition.

Let’s all have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010 and create some Feng Shui Wealth!

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