Feng Shui Home Staging For Real Estate

Feng Shui Master Simona Mainini, Dr. Arch. will assist you in how to use Feng Shui Home Staging to perfectly setup any house for sale to attract the best buyers and the best offers. Consultations are available in person and long-distance.

Dr. Mainini advises on:

• What is a good Feng Shui property
• How to spot a high-problems property and how to fix it
• How to enhance any house to maximize its sale potential
• The Feng Shui secret behind curb appeal
• How to turn curb appeal into a bidding war
• How to Stage for “Your Audience”
• What can be corrected and what cannot (alternative options)

Request a Quote for Your Feng Shui Project

If you would like more information or a project quote, please contact us or call (310) 860-8989 to discuss the most effective possibilities for your scope of project. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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