Feng Shui Home Decoration For Homeowner and Professional Designers

Feng Shui Master Simona Mainini, Dr. Arch. will consult with you and assist you in how to use Feng Shui for Home Decoration to setup your house to be the perfect background for your lifestyle. Her consultations will perfectly integrate with your current Interior Designer.
Consultations are available in person and long-distance.

Among other things, she’ll advise on:

  • Setting the Look and Feel of Your House For the Future
  • How to Address the Many Layers of Each Room
  • How to Prepare Your Color Palettes  based on Feng Shui
  • How to Lay Out Your Furniture based on Feng Shui
  • How to Balance the Yin and Yang of Light in Different Rooms
  • How to Choose the Finishing Materials Based on Feng Shui
  • How to Create the Right Flow of Energy for your spaces based on Feng Shui
  • Room by Room Review of the Above

Request a Quote for Your Feng Shui Project

If you would like more information or a project quote, please contact us or call (310) 860-8989 to discuss the most effective possibilities for your scope of project. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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