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Feng Shui for a Winery

A few days ago I was visiting Napa Valley (for those of you not familiar with California, it is North of San Francisco and in the West area of the U.S.) to see new clients who owns a winary and so was given the rare opportunity to do a the Feng Shui review on a very well known winery.

As you may know, in the past 30 years the region has grown to now encompass about 500 vineyards, both big and small.

Based on the Feng Shui theory, the West direction of each county, continent, state and world was the strongest area starting from the mid ‘70s up until 2004.


As Napa and the entire Wine region happen to coincide with the West section of the U.S., this probably contributed to the flourishing expansion and fame that the wine business has encountered there in the past 30 years.

The right place at the right time, so to speak. But truth be told, the energy there still feels quite amazing and I would expect it to be so for at least another 40 years.

Paradoxically, Los Angeles is instead located in the Southwest section of the country, which, Feng Shui speaking, has been penalized increasingly since the mid ‘90s. If you live there you probably are already aware of this. In fact, if you went from one place to the next and then back again in a span of just two days you couldn’t miss the difference in the two energy’s “vibes,” and you do not even need to be a Feng Shui Master to feel it.

What I realized while being in Napa Valley is that such a strong, supportive energy is highly forgiving, so to speak, of Feng Shui “mishaps” that occur in buildings. For instance, I saw a building completely encased by a dark, cave-like structure. I understand it was made for (and should be good for) the wine, but what about the offices– and the people working in it? How well would you expect your employees to perform in a “cave building” like that? Well, you know how I feel about natural sunlight in workspaces…

Anyway, the winery I had the delight to visit was much different. For one, the building it had was of new construction (built in the 1990s), so the energy was truly alive and vibrant. It was my favorite one, “good for people and good for money,” hence naturally good energy. So two thumbs up so far.


But perhaps the most remarkable feature that I was surprised to see was that the “presence” of the area was particularly “enhancing” for wines. I know for a fact that this was accidental, pure luck, but it made total sense. Yet, this was very puzzling because when I studied the old Chinese books there was no mention of wine per se. And believe me– most Asian masters don’t drink– so I doubt they would even know what to do with a winery.

I am very sure nobody ever “Feng Shui-ed” a winery, at least in the meaning that we give it today in the West. It just wasn’t done in the past. (Remember, Feng Shui used to be for the Emperor only.) Yet this fortuity characteristic helped contribute to make this winery one of the best in Napa Valley, amply rewarding the dedication its owners have put into it.

An extra spin from the “Gods,” Bacchus himself perhaps.

So, my conclusion is that wineries become extraordinary for the “position” of their wine cellars, just like restaurants do for the “position” of their kitchens, and corporate offices do for the “position” of their upper management. That is why Feng Shui for business is more complicated than for a house: because every business has different needs and what works for one won’t necessarily work for the next.

I was both honored and glad to have had the opportunity to visit this wonderful winery in Napa Valley and help assist the owners with its continued success.

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