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Feng Shui for Real Estate: What Feng Shui Can Do For You

I was out property scouting in Newport Beach, CA last week with a client who had previously experienced living in a bad Feng Shui house for five years – one that we defined as “bad for people (meaning health and relationship),” and also “bad for money (meaning success and financial prosperity).” That is what bad Feng Shui Real Estate can do for you.

After not taking the Feng Shui suggestion to pass on that property back then, he (and his wife) ended up living through five years of “hell on earth” in a very bad Feng Shui house. And now they are ready to move out from that house that caused them so many problems and buy a new one.

I am absolutely delighted, and relieved, to help him and his family find the best house possibly available for them on the market. It is time they move in a good one. And he now knows better and he is taking the consulting I give him much more seriously.

As he, his wife, and I were walking through one of the properties they are now considering he also disclosed to the real estate agent that I was the Feng Shui Master Consultant advising him on his purchase.
Then realtor then proceeded to tell us that the two previous owners, both Chinese, were very successful in the house and how the building was approved by both of the previous occupant’s Feng Shui experts. Maybe so, I thought, but this house had been on the market for nearly two years and has a severely reduced price.

Somehow what the realtor was saying it didn’t seem to make sense from my professional point of view, and in fact, after I finished my Feng Shui analysis on the building, it revealed a completely opposite scenario.

This house was bad for people and bad for money, just like the one my client had been living in for the past five years. And since he had already experienced living in a house with bad Feng Shui he was able to appreciate the accuracy of my analysis immediately this time.

What gave away the realtor? Real “good houses” do not sit on the market.
In fact, in this new Feng Shui-conscious market, it would be preferable for a seller to fix the house before placing it on the market to avoid for it to sit there for too long.

Interestingly enough, this scenario is not unusual.

Anxious to close a deal, some designers, real estate agents, architects, and contractors– for their own personal convenience –“discourage” their clients out of applying Feng Shui suggestions.

In fact, it’s becoming so widespread that there’s now even a new term in sales for it: “overcoming Feng Shui objections.” Some companies have even become so bold as to try and request that I come in and train their whole sales force in “overcoming Feng Shui objections.” To which I invariably reply “The best way to overcome the bad Feng Shui is to fix it. And I’ll be happy to show you how”.

The bottom line is this: when you’re designing a building, buying a house, or selecting a business location, anybody can tell you the most wonderful things about it, and probably in good faith. But ultimately, with my analysis, the Feng Shui quality of a place comes out. Because it is my job to advise you in your best interest.

I can tell you in less then an hour if a house or a retail space is good or bad for health, relationships, off-springs, and even financial prosperity.

And most importantly, I can tell you how to fix it!

With this information YOU will be able to make a really good, informed decision.
And this is the “what’s in it for you” part of Feng Shui.

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