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Feng Shui for Private Club Design Consulting

When the City Club in downtown Los Angeles decided to relocate to the South Tower of the City National Plaza building in 2012, I was contacted by the planning architect and was offered the task of being the Feng Shui business consultant for their design. In fact, the Club’s General Manager had specifically requested my services.  “We have a large Asian clientele,” he informed me during our first meeting. “We know Feng Shui is important to them, and we would like to honor their culture and avoid any Feng Shui faux pas.”

 City Club in downtown Los Angeles

And so we rode up to the 51st floor of the City National Plaza’s South Tower to an empty, glass and concrete, 30,000 square foot space with nothing but an electrician there making it fit for use.  It was a Feng Shui Master (and architect’s) dream scenario.  “This building is very good for the Club, Larry,” I shared with him during my initial analysis. “And we’ll make it a smashing success.”

In the following months, Larry and their teams of architects and designers worked painstakingly to create the most luxurious, sophisticated, and yet still warm and inviting look for the “new” club. And proudly, I must say, they all followed every single Feng Shui suggestion I had made during my consulting time with them, incorporating the Five Elements of Feng Shui with the design layout, the colors, and the finishing materials. The result was not only breathtakingly beautiful, but equally perfect from a Feng Shui stand point.

feng-shui-private-clubThis building has very good Qi, that is why it is so successful,” one of the members commented to me during one of the Club’s sold out events (and without knowing I was involved in its design).

When I explain my involvement, he was very happy to know the management had taken an interest in Feng Shui during its design. And he wanted to know more, so I told him how my consultation had helped. Soon a pool of people started to form around us, all eager to know what I did to make the energy of the place so good.

In every single area we have inserted natural elements and colors to create harmony with the Qi of the building and to support leadership, financial success, and harmonious relationships for the members in attendance,” I explained.

So no matter if you are a guest for dinner, having a one-time only meeting in one of the conference rooms, or attending a weekly meeting or a special function or a banquet—every area has been designed specifically for the Qi, meaning the life force energy, to support members in creating success.  

And this is possible to attain for anybody and any building, whether it’s a residence, an office, or a place of business, by following my specific Feng Shui Master instructions, just like the City Club management and design teams have done.”

feng-shui-private-clubI remained in deep discussion with these members for almost an hour. Upon seeing such an interest in hearing even more details, Larry decided to offer his members (and non-members) a live public presentation at the City Club itself where I could explain what I did even further, and also so that all of his members would be able to have the opportunity to learn how the Feng Shui of the Club can help them achieve success in their daily visits.

You too can increase your chances of success and create a more dynamic, productive, and profitable business environment with the use of Feng Shui for you Private Club Designs.

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