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Feng Shui for Hotel Design

Feng Shui for Hotels

For years I have been consulting for a hotel development and management company on all their projects in the field of Feng Shui for hotel design development and hospitality designs. As you well know, most hotels these days include restaurants, bars, spas, conference rooms, and other amenities in addition to the guest sleeping accommodations. So it is not an easy task to make them successful across the board.

Over time I have advised their CEO and development team on several hotels at every stage.

This included advising them on their existing hotels which the company had previously built and managed. Some of them were more successful than others, so I had the chance to see what Feng Shui features worked best for this industry and what didn’t as I compared them. (It’s the only way to really learn and then properly apply Feng Shui when you are building new ones.)

Ironically but not surprisingly, I found that most often good Feng Shui makes or breaks the success of a hospitality business more than the brand name or its design.

Feng Shui for HotelsIn light of these experiences, I also consulted for them on older hotels they were refurbishing and planning to redesign with Feng Shui in mind to increase their commercial success. Most notably, I remember one of their top locations—which was very successful and in constant demand—that was under renovation to expand to accommodate the increasing business.

However, during the renovation, the layout of the ground floor, all its services, entries, and management offices were scheduled to be moved around and relocated. When I reviewed the proposed project plans I realized that in doing this all the primary sources of success for this building were going to be relocated with a layout adverse to the success of the business. Luckily, still being at the design stage, we were able to make modifications to the design and complete a successful expansion while keeping the Feng Shui mojo of the building intact.

And of course, I also consulted on new hotels the company was planning from scratch. I advised them on the plan reviews as well as advised them on selecting the lots on which to build, and in some cases advised not to purchase a certain lot because it had unfixable restrictions causing the future building to be inevitably unsuccessful (and even worse, unfixable).

So, you may ask, what is it that constitutes good Feng Shui for hotel and hospitality design and hence guarantees its success?

Feng Shui for hotels It is a bit complicated to explain that answer in an article because hotels are yet another category of a business completely on its own. However, it is not about design. Choosing Minimalist Zen style (which has been paddled as Feng Shui style for a while now) or a more classic choice of design… it doesn’t matter. Paradoxically, it is not even about the comfort of the individual bedrooms and suites.

Sure, sleeping comfortably is always a plus and not to be undermined, but often people are so tired from travelling they would sleep anywhere (at least I would!).

In my experience with doing Feng Shui for hotels (which is now extensive) the applications of Scientific Feng Shui are geared more to make people feel embraced by the space and welcomed by its invisible energy, which gives them peace, balance, and appreciation for being there.

And I am not just referring to temporary guests staying for a night or two, but particularly to the managing staff; those whom spend most of their time in these hotels providing customer service, marketing, and all kinds of services to the patrons. If these employees have good energy to put forth with the customers, your hotels will always be remembered and sought after for years to come, even if the design could be a bit out of style. But this can only be accomplished with the right Feng Shui for hotels advice provided by an experienced professional. Then hopefully afterwards, these establishments will be so “in demand” they will be in need of an expansion, which should also be executed with the best Feng Shui advice in mind.

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