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When we plan Feng Shui for Career Success, we are planning for financial success, but also for much more than that.

What makes the difference between a “career” and just a ”job” is that in a career we invest our passion, our dreams and our plans for the future. It is not just a pay check, is a long term relationship with other people and circumstances that will help us grow as persons as well.

Hence, part of planning your Feng Shui for Career Success involves activating your talents, your leadership, your business carisma, and your cooperation abilities.

For years, I have watched as my students attend professional classes with the desire of helping others by using Feng Shui either as professional consultants, or as designers with Feng Shui proficiency. In the process, they also discovered Feng Shui can be useful for them, to improve their own lives and their own career.

As soon as my last Advanced Feng Shui course was completed last year, half of the students were off moving into new places that they can now pre-selected thanks to what they learn in the Advanced Feng Shui course.

Eventually they all moved into excellent Feng Shui homes. In within few weeks after moving in these new places, they all experienced extraordinary miracles in their lives, lot of them related to their careers.

Here are some of the success stories they shared with me (I am changing the names for privacy purposes):

  • Mary, who works full time for a famous nation-wide corporation got the promotion she has been waiting for the last two year.
  • July, who run her own professional business, experienced an increase of customers while at the same time being offered a full time job in within the same field field by a larger competitor.
  • Maria, was placed in an unpaid “leave of absence” by her company before taking our course and wasn’t sure if she would ever get her job back. She did get her job back, and shortly after she got a rise too.
  • Doan lost his job shortly after relocating across country to take it. After the Feng Shui chages, he was hired back by the same company. An offer which he refused, to accept instead an offer by a different company for his “real” dream job.
  • Jen, an interior designer, was hired by a Los Angeles firm where Feng Shui services are in high demand.
  • Racheal has become a real estate agent and helps investors finding building they can fix and flip effectively while creating good karma for these same buildings (and future owners) thru her Feng Shui expertise.
  • Miko, Belinda and Gabi also interior designers and architects, have expanded their services to specialize in Feng Shui and are now busy around the clock while continuing our Mastery Program to gain professional grade proficiency.

These are only few of the success stories our students have experienced after applying Feng Shui in their own lives.

We invite you to join us for our upcoming short webinar on Feng Shui for Career Success coming up on March 15 and for our Professional Certification Webinar Course in Advanced Feng Shui starting on April 12 and see for yourself what Feng Shui can do for you and for your career.

I am looking forward to having you in our Feng Shui Classes!!

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