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Feng Shui for Business – What R.O.I. to Expect

While we all love to hear about the wonderful philosophical concepts of Feng Shui for Business, the vast majority of us really seek out its benefits, not just its theory. And it is factual that when applied correctly, to a house or any business– no matter how small the office is or how large the manufacturing plant– Traditional Feng Shui delivers results.

I have seen it personally over and over in my many years as a consultant and know that my colleagues worldwide with similar kinds of training have also seen the same thing. But the proof is in the pudding I guess; for in twelve years of practice– and in spite of being on the internet, having been published and doing professional speaking and teaching engagements worldwide– my best form of advertisement is still “word of mouth.”

This is all fine and dandy, but as a client how do you quantify the R.O.I. (Return on Investment) of your Feng Shui business consultation? After all, lots of so-called “experts” out there have been claiming that Feng Shui ins business will deliver you everlasting health, love, and richness. But it’s time to put what they are promising into perspective so that you do not fall victim of false expectations.

Let’s talk business — Feng Shui for Business.

I receive regular calls requesting consultations for all kinds of business and professional ventures and, while they are all different from each other, for the sake of this discussion, I will group them into three main categories:

Feng Shui for Business Tip #1) Start-up. This is a condition in which a person or an organization has an idea or is developing a business plan for a future venture and is struggling to get the ball rolling.

Feng Shui for Business Tip #2) Mid-level. Middle level organizations that have had some great luck in the beginning of their endeavor but now seem “stuck” and unable to step up to the next level often call for Feng Shui enhancements to help with this step.

Feng Shui for Business Tip #3) Established. Fully bloomed, experienced organizations with skilled manpower, well- structured business plans, connections, and distribution that for no specific reason have suddenly come to a point of slowing down in which they struggle to achieve the level of success they clearly deserve. In many cases these companies have enjoyed great success in the past, so this makes this setback seem all the more unexplainable. But in many cases the problems may have started after moving the business to a new location– or moving the headquarters to a new location– but this may not be the only problem happening.

I can tell you from the start that although all of these three cases may ultimately seek what appears to be the same thing– success and financial reward– they present three very different scenarios in which the same consultation would lead to three somewhat different results, at least in the beginning.

Why is that?

Traditional Feng Shui clearly prioritizes the steps to achieve “life” success, and the same principles apply to business in this order:

  1. There should be a good intention– or a “good will” if you wish. I am not talking about just thinking positive, I am talking about doing something positive. If you set out from the start to improve other’s lives, they’ll reward you by improving yours.
  2. There has to be good planning and some good, solid, old-fashion hard work behind it. Let’s face it: Bill Gates was a computer geek at one point (no offense to the geeks), and many like him may have even set out to do the same thing as him in his day, but he took his talent and worked extremely hard at it until he became who he is today. This is the case of a person who was born with a certain talent (some call it genetic, but in the old days they called it “destiny”), had some luck to be living at the right time, ad in that he had the foresight to put himself in the right place (moving back from the East coast to the West coast) and then he seeked-out every opportunity for success with a clear vision in mind.
  3. Once you have the good idea and you’re ready to work hard for it, at this point you’d need to start summarizing your idea and put it down in a business plan (see scenario 1 above again). A consultation at this stage would be most beneficial and recommended to help you have clarity of vision, make the right choices in the strategy to pursue your goals, and to help you attract the right supporters (meaning investors or business partners). So a Feng Shui consultation in at this stage will be successful by bringing supporters (investors) for your plan to start rolling.
  4. Once you have a solid business plan and have a team of competent professionals around you, this is the second scenario where applying Feng Shui principals comes into play. At this point you have already smoothed out the business creases and are ready to navigate the business world. Placing your people in a good, solid, laid-out Feng Shui building is the fastest way to attract the success you have already planned for. Why? Because you’re placing yourself “to go with the flow of life-force in the universe” rather than against it. (Going against the flow happens with bad Feng Shui placement– for more details check out my other articles on Life-Force Energy in my archives). That’s what they really mean by “going with the flow.” Especially in the beginning when the road could be a bit bumpier; this is all the more reason to seek some help from a qualified Feng Shui Master.
  5. Now, what happens when you have been in business for a while with success, have great business strategies, and are surrounded by plenty of very skilled business people but suddenly it all comes to a halt. Perhaps a slow down happens first, or it’s an all out abrupt stop, but nevertheless, you get my point. This is when most often something is not right on the Feng Shui front. Perhaps you have moved into a new location without having a skilled Feng Shui Master advise you prior – or you had a Feng Shui Master who advised against moving in that location and you decided to take this new office anyway. While in the previous two cases (point 3 and 4) it’s not easy to quantify the results because we are dealing with something new and have nothing to compare against it, this last situation is where a good Feng Shui consultation can offer you the most quantifiable results (provided, of course, that you follow the suggestions!).

In business we are used to quantifying with a number– or with a percentage– the amount of R.O.I. we expect in return, but in Feng Shui it’s a bit more complicated to calculate; especially since it’s a natural science rather then an exact science with several natural variables involved which can effect the outcome, first and foremost the quality of the building we are given to start with – yes, some building are naturally better then others.

I consulted for a technology company office suite in Northern California a few years ago. The CEO thought their problem derived from a slow down in the technology industry. I gave them my recommendations and, in the end, was asked to quantify the amount of increased business they should expect in return. Being very surprised—for I have never been asked that before, particularly from a client whose business practices I wasn’t even familiar with, I went for a conservative 20-30 %. The CEO and CFO seemed enthusiastic and promised they’d implement my suggestions right away.

Six months later their office contacted me again: their revenues had more than doubled and they needed to move in a new, larger location. After the success they had experienced the first time they were determined not to take any chances with moving into a new location without having their “Qi Lady” reviewing it for them. We considered several locations and, in the end, choose one that in appearance seemed not as desirable as the others, but in my opinion had better Feng Shui. They did a little spruce up to it and moved in. A few months later, their business continuing to grow, they also took over the office suite next door to them, hence quadruplicating from their original size.

Are all Feng Shui business consultations going to have this result? It’s possible, but in the process of working with this particular client I also discovered that they were incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, and committed, hard-working people– not scared to take the “road less traveled” –even the Feng Shui road – to achieve the success they were set out to get. I have encountered several other professional organizations like them in my career and yes, they also did have similar kinds of results.

So, all I can say is that using the time-tested principals of Feng Shui in business will definitely open up lots of doors for you and your business. How many and how fast will depend on how much you invest in it. But as usual, I’ll be happy to assist you any way I can.

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