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Years ago while pursuing my degree in architecture and interior design I realized that our buildings needed more than structure and styles. They needed something that made them be good for us. Around that same time I was introduced to the concept of quantum physics and how everything that exist in the Universe is energy. Since no architectural or design school teaches how to improve the energy in a building, I figured the answer may be hidden in the ancient metaphysical disciplines.

So, at the ripe old age of twenty-two, I began investigating the different ritual and spiritual architectural design systems practiced around the world and was soon recognized by several Masters as having an instinctive depth of understanding of ancient principals that would set me apart from other students.
That’s when Feng Shui found me and I became enthralled in the dynamics of utilizing visible and invisible energies together to create harmonious surroundings.
Little did I know that in my enthusiasm, as Feng Shui consultant, I would end up learning the most sophisticated and advanced techniques of this craft usually only reserved for the Grand Masters – so much so that my Grand Master teacher begin referred to me as his “Italian Daughter”.

After graduating, I created Feng Shui For Architecture in 1997, a full scale””boutique” Feng Shui consulting firm, to pioneer the applications of Scientific (Classic) Feng Shui to architectural projects. Since then I have consulted internationally on all kinds of projects. Today, my firm provides Feng Shui consultations for homes, retail, office and corporate buildings, as well as for all projectse under design, new construction and renovation. My background as architect and interior designer allows me to understand the design process, as well as pressures and concerns that owners and architects must face when developing a new project and consequently tailor my Feng Shui consultation to their needs, be that of reviewing construction plans, or provide schematic layouts for design development.

While the concept of Feng Shui has become very popular over the years, it has often been addressed as a spiritual belief, or superstition based on using Chinese folklore and religious symbolism hence giving rise to all sorts of myths regarding its integration with our modern buildings.

In our firm, we specialize in Scientific Feng Shui (also known as Classic, Traditional or Chinese Feng Shui). We recognize that Feng Shui is instead a long time tested natural green science, developed to create holistic buildings, healthier environments, and the advancement of our well-being. It can be integrated with architectural design, interior design, and landscape design to harmonize energy both inside buildings and in their surrounding properties.

Since our inception we have helped hundreds of well-known international corporations, casinos, animal habitats, homeowners, developers, diplomats, productions companies, spiritual leaders and celebrities remove their “big” Feng Shui problems and bring in well-being, financial prosperity and success. Just imagine what a world full of thriving Feng Shui buildings can do for you and humanity!

Simona F. Mainini, Dr. Arch., Feng Shui Master

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