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Feng Shui Consultation: Existing Buildings That Are Good for You

I often use the term “Feng Shui compatibility”, a phrase I made-up to explain how the energy of a building relates to the people living or working in it.

Feng Shui per se’ has a wide range of energy like the building’s energy, each person’s energy, the year’s energy, etc. and they all interact together, so the trick sometimes is how to prioritize in effectiveness and in the applications of corrections.

But when I talk about “building-person compatibility” in a Feng Shui House I refer specifically to how the energy of a building supports– or antagonizes– the person living or working in it.

Yes, the energy of a building can infact support you or sabotage your efforts in creating your wellness, relationship, career, business, etc.
And if it is sabotaging you in many cases it can be corrected, but once in a while it cannot. In these particular cases, if your experience is really bad and nothing else works, it’s often just best to cut your losses and get out of the space. I usually never recommend people to move because with my experience I have many techniques I can use to improve their place and make it so that they do not need to move.

How do you know if a house has a Feng Shui that is good for you or not?  The simplest is the “empirical” way, meaning you move into a building and if your life improves it means the Feng Shui is good for you; if it gets worse, it means the Feng Shui is not good.

This is a bit drastic and time consuming, not to mention emotionally tiring. It is however the way most of us have done it and continue to do it.

Another, more effective way to know if you have a good Feng Shui House, is that of having a consultation with somebody like me, simply becasue I have trained longer and I can spot solutions faster. Then, during the usually two-hour process I can tell you:

  • What the problem is and how to fix it.
  • If it is really, really that bad and the cost of fixing it so high that makes more sense moving (this is very seldom and I usually advise for the improvements first anyway)

For example:

During my work as Feng Shui consultant, I was visiting a house in Pacific Palisades, CA yesterday and the woman living in it was a Wood person while the building itself was a Metal building.  Amongst other things (for various aspects of the house), I recommended using blue colors and water elements to decorate with to transform the incompatibility and mitigate the adverse effects the house would otherwise have on her.
In fact, Metal “chops” Wood, but if you had Water then metal feeds the Water and Water feeds Wood.
She was very receptive to doing this rather minor correction in favor of having a positive experience living there. That is one of the ways to turn a bad Feng Shui house into a good Feng Shui house.

Some cases can be easier than others, but there are things that can be done for every scenario, and in these days and age, seem we all need as much good energy as we can to support our endeavors.

We have seen in last week class on the Five Elements how each of us belong to an Element and what houses can be more or less compatible with us. We also learn what colors and elements to use to decorate our house to support our own energy.

Here are the Elements you should use based on your house orientation:


Facing North: FIRE

Facing NorthEast: EARTH

Facing SouthWest: EARTH

Facing South: WATER

Facing NorthWest: WOOD

Facing West: WOOD

Facing East: METAL

Facing SouthEast: METAL

If a person lives or works in a building that is not favorable to them, they should use the missing color and element to decorate the house or office with so as to turn the unfavorable match into a more favorable, positive one. The trick is to pair-up the element of a person with the element of a building. Ideally, the most compatible building for you is the one that belongs to the same element as you. That is a good Feng Shui house. We discussed more of this in our Five-Elements class. For more information about our classes, read mroe about our Training Center here.

One note of curiosity: most people who feel “good vibes” from a building are in fact experiencing a high level of compatibility from it, and as a consequence they usually end up buying or renting it. Some have described it as “like falling in love at first sight” with a building. I’ve found this to be the “Feng Shui reason” behind the expression “curb appeal.”

However, in Feng Shui it pays to take an even better, closer look, for not all buildings that are compatible with you are necessarily going to be good buildings based on the building’s own energy of construction (Building’s birth-energy). In fact, some of them could be so bad they could completely defeat the advantage of the compatibility.

What has been your experience in your place so far?

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