Remote Feng Shui Consultantion

with Dr. Simona Mainini

Do you live in a different state, country, in an area where it may be difficult for us to visit you, or your budget does not allow for an in person consultation?

Thanks to the convenience of modern technology and satellite view, we now offer remote feng shui consultations (long-distance).

All it requires is that you provide us with:

  • Floor or site plans (pdf format)
  • Year of the structure’s construction
  • The year of birth of the occupants (if applicable)
  • Full street address of the property

Upon receipt of these items along with full payment by check, PayPal or credit card, we will review the property, and prepare a written out, customized report of our evaluation, and then we’ll meet to review it with you online via video conference and screen sharing.

Feng Shui in your home or business will still have the same benefits as an in person Feng Shui consultation. During our remote Feng Shui consultations we will discuss Feng Shui layouts, Feng Shui colors and materials, and Feng Shui landscape as well as answer all your question.

Our Remote Feng Shui consultations will assist you in applying the best professional Feng Shui to your interiors and exteriors, and to make your buildings beautiful and effective to your overall wellness and success.

Request a Quote for Your Feng Shui Project

If you would like more information or a project quote, please contact us or call (310) 860-8989 to discuss the most effective possibilities for your scope of project. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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