Feng Shui for Warehouses & Businesses

Entry sign at Magellan Gateway Business ParkThe Grand Opening for Magellan Gateway Business Park took place last October in El Monte, CA.

It is a great example of perfect Feng Shui for Warehouse and Business Park in which we have cooperated with the development and real estate team in the creation of 14 offices + warehouse in 5 buildings, all of them designed following Feng Shui principles.

Over the past two years, I have worked relentlessly with the development company in the application of Feng Shui for this 5-building Business Park, covering 26 acres and over 500,000 square feet of units available for sale and lease.

Ground breaking with Dr. Simona Mainini and all team players in the design of the Feng Shui Commercial Buildings and Real Estate Development Magellan GatewayMy services were originally requested to cater to Asian investors and prospective clients – El Monte is currently expanding by leaps and bounds thanks to the Asian community.

However, as the development team became aware of the many insightful applications of Feng Shui for commercial success, they requested my services and I was able to provide them with my best suggestions and they decided to follow all my recommendations in detail.

It has been one of the best projects I worked on for the team spirit of the participants, and I am expecting it will be greatly successful in the future due to the above average design of the architects, the attention to details of the developer and of course, the Feng Shui insights I have provided and that were followed very precisely.

And of course, the proof is the pudding: as per the groundbreaking date (see picture), all 14 office suites and warehouses have been already sold or leased. What can I say, I love my job!

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Master Plan of Magellan Gateway Business Park


External Elevation of buildings at Magellan Gateway Business park