Feng Shui for Medical Centers

Hospital, Clinics, Rehab Centers & Physician's Offices

Our firm has provided multiple Feng Shui consultations for medical centers during new construction, extensive renovations and new additions in well know hospitals, medical centers and physicians office suites.

Interior of feng-shui-medical-centerSince the Feng Shui foundation principles applied to design support human wellness and wellbeing in general, the use of Feng Shui for any medical centers is an asset both for the patients and the medical personnel who has them in care.

Our contributions included architectural design, space layout, colors & surface materials selection, landscaping in cooperation with the various project managements, architectural firms, design firms, boards of directors, contractors and planner. In turn, the design teams contributed to embody our recommendations in beautiful, comfortable and supportive design.

If you are planning the design, renovation or new construction of any medical facility, we’ll be happy to assist you for the best possible outcome as well.

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