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Exterior of empty space prior to a feng shui consultation Feng-shui-for-businessThe applications of Feng Shui for Business are very different, nearly the opposite, of Feng Shui for Residentials. Further, each business is different from the next and it must be addressed accordingly.

Dr. Mainini has 25-years experience in Feng Shui for Business consulting and knows how to customize each consultation accordingly with the individual needs and priorities of each business.

When is the best time to have a Feng Shui for Business consultation?
We can consult at any stage, and it is never too late for a business to improve its energy to attract costumers and their loyalty.

Here are some ideas:

  • Choosing a building to start your new business
  • Selecting new locations for expanding your retail business
  • Designing your own headquarters
  • Expanding in a new city or country
  • Opening a new branch or franchise
  • Relocating your business to a new location
  • Renovating an existing manufacturing plant or warehouse, or building a new one
  • Want to attract more customers
  • Want to improve current customer loyalty
  • Ready to take your business public
  • Increase revenue and financial success

Maximize your potential for success by starting with a Feng Shui for business design or site consultation on your business to avoid common pitfalls that lead to unproductive work environments, low employee morale and high turn-over, or financial losses.

To have your business or retail space reviewed and evaluated by Dr. Mainini herself or one of our other qualified associates, call us at 310 860 8989 or email us here.

interior of a feng shui shopping centerFeng Shui has been used for thousands of years, particularly in famously successful business cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, and more recently in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Many attribute the success of these cities to having had all their buildings designed according with Scientific Feng Shui for Business principles both at the time of the commercial property inception and throughout their changing business needs.

Your business too can increase its chances of success by creating a more dynamic, productive, and profitable business environment with the use of Feng Shui for business.

Our Feng Shui for Business services are customized according to your specific business needs, concerns, and goals.

Let Feng Shui for Architecture Help You:

  • Make your business more profitable and successful
  • Plan your building’s layout to maximize productivity
  • Get rid of “bad luck” energy that keeps your business slow, stagnant and unprofitable
  • Create a more pleasant and harmonious working environment
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Find the best location suitable to your business
  • Maximize all the potential that your new location has to offer
  • Create more foot traffic customers
  • Make sure the building’s design has the best possible good luck and success energy right from the start
  • Enhance the building’s energy flow so it is conducive in addition to being esthetically pleasing from a design standpoint

Here are some of the Consulting Service we offer

Move-in Consultations

Taking your existing building as is and maximizing its full Feng Shui potential without involving any renovations. The “energy” corrections of the space are achieved using the Five Elements. Major successful retail chains already use it, so why don’t you?

Cosmetic Renovations

This is a step up from a Move-In Consultation. It means giving your existing building a “once over” but without any structural changes. Included in this type of consultation can be changing furniture layouts, colors accents or room paint, accessory, based on the existing energy of the building and the goals we are seeking to achieve.

Structural Renovation

This means possibly a larger transformation of buildings by adding or removing doors, walls, or windows. Therefore, this type of consultation is more complex but works well when one business is moving into a new location they own or with a very long-term lease. It also includes choosing room colors, finishing materials, and new furniture lay out.

New Projects

Apply Feng Shui to new commercial projects can be done by reviewing the floor plan during the building’s design process, or develop your new design on a vacant lot. Since each project is different, we will be happy to discuss more about this with you directly.

New Developments

These types of consultations are specifically tailored for large business districts, malls and shopping centers. They designed to be used by a third party, either for sale or by lease. Each of these unique building developments needs to be handled individually on a case-by-case basis.

Business Relocations

When you are ready to move your business to a bigger site or expand its operation to different areas, this type of consultation will help you screen several different building options until we identify the right location with the best Feng Shui for your business and then help you set up its interiors for maximum success.

Grand Opening Date Selection

Time selection is a long-honored secret with Asian businessmen. Choosing the right time, date, month, and in some cases, year, to start the construction of your headquarter, your retail buildings or to launch your business will significantly improve your business’s potential for success.

Request a Quote for Your Feng Shui Project

If you would like more information or a project quote, please contact us or call (310) 860-8989 to discuss the most effective possibilities for your scope of project. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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