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Feng Shui Class Los Angeles: UCLA Westwood Campus

FENG SHUI FOR DESIGNERS & ARCHITECTS at UCLA EX. in Los Angeles (Westwood Campus)
6-Weeks In-Person Class
Thursday April 4, 2019 – May 9, 7-10 pm


UCLA Extension Gayley Center in Westwood (adjacent to main Campus)
1145 Gayley Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Room 115

Closest UCLA Parking Structure 32, Parking lot 36

Or call 310 825 9061

This Feng Shui class is Los Angeles examines the principles and application of Feng Shui.

Discussion explores:

— The basic theories from which Feng Shui derives;
— How human physiology interacts with the surrounding environment;
— Landscape evaluation and correction;
— Best orientations, layout, colors, and materials based on the occupant’s energy;
— How building orientation and year affects a building’s energy and occupants;
— And applying these principles to a building in varying stages of development.

This class is part of the UCLA Ex. Architecture and Interior Design Department.

2-Unit Credits apply to students enrolled in the Master in Interior Architecture and Certificate in Interior Design.

Space Planning Assignments are mandatory for UCLA Ex. Certification students enrolled in these programs.

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