Our Feng Shui Certification Program in Advanced Feng Shui For Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape starts Soon. Registrations are now open.

Do not miss this opportunity to attend our Feng Shui Certification Program Online in this special LIVE WEBINAR session with camera feed.

Each class is presented by Dr. Mainini in person. Direct interaction with students is via open microphone and speakers. This class meets weekly at the appointed date and time.

The registration fee for this program includes:

• 18 live webinar sessions taught by Dr. Mainini
• 1 digital copy of Dr. Mainini’s book Feng Shui for Architecture
• Certificate of Completion
• Qualification to attend the Professional Feng Shui Consultant Certification Program & Meetings
• Qualification to attend the Feng Shui Mastery Certification Program & Meetings

Click here for this upcoming live webinar schedule and to register 

After course completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion by our Feng Shui for Achitecture Training Center.

The curriculum learned during this course will allow the student to begin practicing professionally after its completion. Follow up monthly meetings are held for graduate students to discuss their cases with Dr. Mainini.

No previous knowledge of Feng Shui is needed to attend this course.

Feng_Shui-Property-CentificationIn this 54 hours program you will learn about:

Feng Shui principles and Their applications,
How to prioritize applications for maximum effectiveness
How to correct bad energy
How to enhance good energy
How to conduct a professional Feng Shui consultation

And a lot more from Dr. Mainini 20 years of experience in this field, the review of her case studies and her suggestion when reviewing your own case studies. See below for full curriculum.

During live sessions, students microphones are open and there is a direct interaction between students and teacher so that she is able to answer all questions. All recordings are unabridged and students questions are included.

These Feng Shui Certification Programs Online in Live Webinar  are the most effective way to learn Feng Shui directly from the voice of the teacher. No need to bore though pages of material were you will not be able to get any clarification or ask any questions. These 12 online classes are the real, ultimate Feng Shui learning experience.

Click here for this upcoming live webinar schedule and to register 

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