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Since 1997

F‍eng Shui Architecture describes the fusion of Classical Chinese Feng Shui teachings with contemporary Western Architecture. Classical Feng Shui is a complex and intriguining discipline dating back to the creation of the Book of Changes (I-Ching) and it is not always easy to decode without the guidance of a Master Teacher. Western architecture is a very complex discipline itself, with lots of design considerations and building codes demands. Feng Shui Consultants for architectural projects specifically need to be very well versed in both – it is just the nature of executive process.

Dr. Simona Mainini completed her Doctor in Architecture degree from the Polytechinc of Milan, Italy, and immediatey after set up to study Classical Chinese Feng Shui with her godfather and GrandMaster teacher in a journey that would last 15 years.

Because of her background as a Licensed Architect in Italy, Dr. Mainini also immediately understood the importance of applying Feng Shui principles to design development for architectural projects in order to create solid and Feng-Shui-sound structure, and also save her clients the headackes and the financial losses of “correcting” them for Feng Shui mistakes after construction. Hence, she created her firm, Feng Shui for Architecture in 1997 and introduced the discipline in the US and in Europe. in 2004 she also wrote her first book by the same title, Feng Shui for Architecture.

Today, Feng Shui for Architecture is a consulting firm that specializes in Feng Shui Architecture and Feng Shui Interior Design in all their iterations – including site master planning, room layout, space planning, interior design, furniture layout, colors and materials. This includes all their applications to any existing building or architectural projects to enhance the overall wellness and life achievements of the future occupants.

“Dr. Mainini served as the Feng Shui Architecture consultant on our ninety-seven unit condominium project in Long Beach, CA.
Her well-rounded background of combined education and experience led to her being selected for this contemporary loft project.
She participated in major decisions, which helped to bring the project to a turning point in our real estate development’s master planning of future project types.
I would not hesitate to recommend her on any scope of work, whether it be construction related or not.”
— C.D. (Project Manager for Promenade Walk, Long Beach, CA)

Rendering of Long Beach Promenade Walk, Feng Shui Consultation by Simona Mainini of Feng Shui Architecture Rendering of Long Beach Promenade Walk, Feng Shui Consultation by Simona Mainini of Feng Shui Architecture

Since inception, our firm has been helping hard working, committed clients achieve their full potential in the form of the success, the prestige, and the earnings they deserve.

In addition to a keen and deep understanding of the Feng Shui Architecture principles, applications and variables, our Grand Master Dr. Mainini brings to each project an appreciation for the pressures and requirements that other architects, planners and designers face in the development of each project. This often makes her the logical choice of clients and architectural firms who seeks to work with an equally qualified consultant in the use of Feng Shui Architecture.

Consequently, Dr. Mainini is often selected to consult for high profile project developments locally and internationally – Five of such projects are included in the picture at the top of this page (Downtown Los Angeles).

Among Feng Shui for Architecture‘s clientele are well-known international corporations, banks, casinos, hospitals, animal habitats, homeowners, businessowners, developers, diplomats, production companies, members of royalty and celebrities who hired us to help them remove their “big” Feng Shui problems and bring well-being, prosperity and success into their lives.
To date, our firm has consulted for the development of
private residences up to 35,000 sqf.; multi-building hospitals for over US$800 Million in budget; several corporate, commercial and public buildings exceeding 1 Million sqf. each.

Rendering of Pasadena Playhouse Plaza, Feng Shui Consultation by Simona Mainini of Feng Shui Architecture
Feng Shui for Architecture consulted for the Pasadena Playhouse Plaza Office Building during its development phase.

With our knowledge and experience in the field of Feng Shui Architecture, we’ll offer sound, customized solutions in the most effective and appropriate manner to your project and its stage of development.

In your best interest, we’ll work with your current contracted architect or designer, or if needed we’ll suggest one who has participated in a previous project with our firm. We’ll provide functional, tasteful, and effective solutions to your commercial and residential buildings, whether existing, under renovation or construction, or in the early stages of design development and planning.

In the past, Feng Shui Architecture consultations were conducted exclusively on-site. Today, thanks to the advantages of modern technology, our firm can also conduct remote consultations all over the world (long-distance). Our firm currently uses accurate magnetic reading systems and video conference with screen sharing to provide any client in the world with the best possible experience.

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