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Feng Shui 2015 Forecast: Year of the Wood Sheep (Goat)

Feng_Shui_2015_Year_of_the_Wood_SheepAs I have mentioned before, 2015 is going to be overall very different from 2014.
While 2014 was supported by the powerful nature of the Yang Fire (Horse), 2015 is going to be ruled by the mild nature of the Yin Earth (Sheep – aka Goat). Link to view our forecast video is ahead.

On the good side, much of the conflict we experienced in 2014 will tend to naturally mitigate in 2015 as people will be drawn more to negotiation and will feel overall less inclined to fight and argue. Click here or on the picture to review our Youtube video forecast for 2015.

The New Year however, is also ruled by Trigram Zhen, which can also cause any conflict to escalate if not dealt with promptly with tact, or even better, anticipated and avoided.

So overall we are going be pushed and pulled in two different directions, but calm negotiation is the name of the game. The other good news is that Trigram Zhen is related more directly to the Feng Shui of our houses then the Stem and Branch signs (which effects our overall “luck” instead) and hence, it can be corrected using the Feng Shui techniques we teach in our classes.

Join us on January 8 at 11 am PST for our full Feng Shui 2015 Forecast for the Year of the Wood Sheep (Goat) and to learn what you can do in 2015 to mitigate the adverse effects of this year.

NOTE: we recommend that once you receive the login link you sign-in with your computer ahead of time to avoid cyber-jams on the day of the event. The system only allows for 100 participants and last year some of you that login late were, unfortunally, left out. If you are registered and unable to attend at last minute, the link to the video recording will be emailed to you at no additional charge.

I am looking forward to see you all there.

Best wishes for a Splendid Miracle Season and a Fantastic New Year!!

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