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Classical Feng Shui Certification – Beginning Course 1 (1 of 3) – 6-Video Self-Study


6-Videao Self-Study Course  + One-on-One Meeting with Dr. Mainini (7-session total)

This Course can be purchased individually or as part of our 3-Course Feng Shui Certification Program.

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This self-study video course can be viewed remotely 24/7 by students anywhere at their own time convenience. No previous knowledge of Feng Shui is required.

This is Course 1 (Beginning Level) of our Feng Shui Certification in Feng Shui for Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape.

This Beginning Course is open to all design professionals and Feng Shui enthusiasts aspiring to learn authentic, Classical Feng Shui — with or without previous Feng Shui training. Each session has been video recorded during a live webinar session and includes question and answers with previous students. Video can be viewed in multiple sessions and rewound and replayed at your time convenience.

Our Certification Program in Feng Shui for Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape includes 3 courses: Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Level. This Beginning Course can be purchased as single standing course or as part of our Certification Program. Students who have completed all 3 Courses and the related assignments will receive our Certification of Completion.

Whether it takes 12 weeks or 12 months to complete this program, you will still graduate and be elegible to move to Intermediate Course 2.

NOTE: The Registration Form for Intermediate Course 2 and Course 3 will be provided to all students after completion of Course 1.

The Beginning Course (1) consists of 18 hours of video instruction and two easy assignments that you’ll be reviewing in your One-on-One meeting with Dr. Mainini (1-hour online meeting). 

In this 18-hours program you will learn about:

  • Feng Shui principles (Traditional, Authentic Scientific Feng Shui)
  • How to apply Feng Shui principles to design and architecture
  • How to apply Feng Shui to Kitchen
  • How to apply Feng Shui to Bedrooms
  • How to apply Feng Shui to Entry Area and Foyers
  • How to apply Feng Shui to Other Rooms of the House
  • How to correct bad energy
  • How to enhance good energy
  • How to identify colors and materials in Feng Shui

Additional material as needed from Dr. Mainini 25 years of experience in this field will be addressed as well, plus the discussion of her case studies and her suggestions when reviewing your own case study. See below for additional topics covered in full length of this three-course program.

During your 1-hour , One-to-One Meeting with Dr. Mainini, you’ll review together the case study as instructed during the video course. Your meeting is not an exam, but rather an opportunity for Dr. Mainini to answer any specific question you have regarding your own case study.

NOTE: Once you have completed Beginning Course 1 and your mentorship meeting with Dr. Mainini, you’ll be able to advanced to Intermediate Course 2. The maximum time to complete Course 1 is one year, but we suggest that you complete one video per week to maximize your learning experience.

This Feng Shui Certification Programs Online is the most effective way to learn Feng Shui directly from the voice of the teacher and your interaction with her. No need to bore though pages of material where you will not be able to get any clarification or ask any questions. These online classes are the real, ultimate Feng Shui learning experience.

In this program you will learn how to properly use professional, Scientific Feng Shui and how to integrate it with your architectural, interior design, or landscape business from the comfort of your own home – no driving, no traffic, no parking fees, no travel and lodging expenses.

Also, no previous knowledge of Feng Shui is required as all foundation theories will be reviewed as well. Our “boutique” training program follows the teaching styles of the old days, when knowledge was presented directly from the Master Teacher to the students rather than via written material only. This Feng Shui Certification Program is the foundation course to access our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Certification Program and our Feng Shui  Mastery Certification Program.  (Program’s Outline of Topics covered is listed below).  

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