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Canon’s Report on How to Use Feng Shui to Reduce Office Stress Now Available On-Line

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Report Conducted by US based Feng Shui Master Simona F. Mainini, Dr. Arch.

Los Angeles, CA, USA, July 22, 2008  — International, cutting-edge, technology-based, multi-billion dollar company Canon Europe took a socially responsible stand last fall and went back to the ancient natural science of Feng Shui and enlisted the assistance of a highly credentialed, U.S. based and leading Feng Shui Master consultant, Dr. Simona F. Mainini, on how to re-design the offices to remedy a real, modern problem: high levels of employee office stress and rage.

Canon Europe is the European branch of Canon, the worldwide technology company. Their initial interest for Feng Shui came after reviewing a new, groundbreaking research study into the causes of office stress conducted by ICM Research. In the study they interviewed 1,857 office workers in 18 European countries including UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. The findings were that an overwhelming 60 percent of respondents felt that their office layout increased their stress levels– with 19 percent feeling it “significantly” increased stress. Yet another report released by the European agency for Safety and Health at Work found that stress causes 50 percent of absenteeism in the EU annually and that in 2007 the EU spent 20 billion Euros in medical costs just to manage stress alone.

This data speaks to the American public all the more when reading the 2004 results from the American Institute of Stress indicating that work-related stress and accidents account for 75-80% of absenteeism and is associated with an annual cost of $300 billion (USD) to businesses in terms of diminished productivity and employee turn-over.

In lieu of these findings Canon Europe commissioned Dr. Mainini to do a thirty-page, comprehensive report on how to use Feng Shui to reduce office stress in European businesses. The report, entitled Zen Workplace, opens with an introductory explanation of the origins and scope of Traditional Feng Shui, gives an overview of the causes and symptoms of stress based on Traditional Chinese Medicine– the sister-discipline to Feng Shui– and then dives in and discusses in detail how to re-design offices to hold and support life-force energy to benefit employees’ well-being as well as their focus and productivity. With her background as an Italian architect, Dr. Mainini also brings tested principles of design, color, and light psychology and discusses the multiple applications available for a variety of office layouts.

“Stress is a by-product of our off-balanced lifestyles,” Dr. Mainini first identified, “You won’t necessarily increase productivity by working longer hours to tight deadlines. Creating a more balanced working environment by integrating design psychology with the principals of Feng Shui is the best way to produce congenial work environments for employees while producing the business results that employers desire. It’s a win–win situation. Canon’s ability to realize this and to take action is a sign of their commitment and understanding of employee’s needs and health as well as a way to show their commitment in educating the public worldwide. I feel this is a sign of forward thinking that came as no surprise, given their famous ability to propose successful business solutions.”

Thankfully, Canon’s innovation is not alone. Working with high profile, big business and companies interested in maximizing office spaces for well-being and productivity is now becoming second nature to Dr. Mainini. She also became world-known last year, after consulting on the Golden Monkey Exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo. This unique structure– the first animal enclosure designed by following classical Feng Shui principles to ensure the best life-force energy to promote health, well-being and fertility– is schedule to open in fall of 2008.

Dr. Mainini was also recently invited to be the only U.S. Feng Shui Master to speak at the International Feng Shui Convention in Singapore last November. The event, recognized worldwide as the most prestigious in the industry of Feng Shui, brought some of the world’s most renowned Masters of Feng Shui and their enthusiasts together to discuss the various benefits of Feng Shui.

To review Dr. Simona F. Mainini’s complete report of Zen Workplace, which is now being released by Canon Europe to the media for public use, go to the Canon site (sorry, as per 2023 this report is no longer available).

Dr.Mainini is also available for interviews and presentations on the topic of how to use Feng Shui and design psychology to reduce office stress and rage. To schedule one, please call 310.860.8989 or email us.

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