FENG SHUI HOME DECORATING COURSE – 6 Video with Simona Mainini, Dr. Arch., Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui House Decorating with Simona Mainini

6-Video  Course (with Certificate)

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Following the success of our Feng Shui House Organizing class this Spring, here comes our brand new Feng Shui Home Decorating Course in the Summer. Just in time to get our house ready for… our new future!

After being locked up at home for a whole year plus, it is time to make it all new!
It is time to update our homes to reflect our new self and create a supportive environment that can hold and support us in our next, exciting endeavors.

Perhaps, you just bought a new home instead and are ready for a fresh new start.

Our Feng Shui Home Decorating 6-Weeks Live Webinar Course is a hands-on course geared to assist us in the planning & decorating our homes – room by room – to accommodate our own, unique lifestyle.

This is a beginning level course, open to everyone with or without previous Feng Shui training.

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