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6 Best Home Buying Tips

I have been in California now for several years and never have I seen this much choice of available real estate, both residential and commercial.

Buying a good feng shui house is always a challange, but perhaps these 6 home buying tips (also office buying or business buying) will help you in the process of buying or leasing a building.

Naturally not every building is alike, so when you are in the process of evaluating a building– either to buy or rent– here are some good tips to follow to make certain that there is good Feng Shui in home or office.

The first rule of thumb is to determine how a building makes you feel. We are naturally attracted to a building that has good energy– not just a good design, but good potential or what we feel is good potential. Whether we know about Feng Shui or not it is our natural instinct to go by a gut feeling.

Buildings that have great energy attract occupants effortlessly so they are less likely to be on the market for a long time. In my experience this is the underlining reason behind the so-called “curb appeal.”

Having said that, please also note these other following home buying tips:

Home Buying Tip 1

When selecting a new building there isn’t a “cookie cutter” approach to it simply because each building is different. Statistically speaking only 25% of the buildings constructed without using Feng Shui have a chance of being fairly good. The remaining 75% usually have some kind of problem or even many problems– how bad and how to fix them can only be determined by a Feng Shui Expert pre-purchase inspection or an in-depth analysis.

Home Buying Tip 2

Whether it is a house or a business you are looking at what I recommend to my students and clients is what I do myself: When in the process of buying or renting a building first inquire about the history of the previous occupants. If they were successful and moved to a larger or better location that is always a good sign.
If they did poorly, had illnesses and/or financial problems, then more than likely there is a bigger problem with the Feng Shui of the building and if it is left uncorrected it will likely effect you adversely as well.  (This case can easily be resolved with a Feng Shui inspection to assess whether the cause of the problem is temporary or permanent and whether it can easily be corrected or not.

Home Buying Tip 3

Buildings that have been on the market for a long time always represent a red flag. They are either still on the market because they haven’t attracted buyers or renters, or because they currently have a pending lease but the occupant had to leave the premises because things weren’t going well.  In both cases a building that has remained unoccupied for a long time will signify that something is wrong with its energy and whatever had caused the problems for the previous occupants is more than likely going to effect you in a similar manner. (In this case a Feng Shui evaluation will also help you decide whether or not this building can be corrected, or if it is more convenient for you to just choose a different one.)

Home Buying Tip 4

When looking at a new building most of us are attracted by a great financial deal, but please look carefully into those. Most of the time if a building comes with a great deal it is because it has been empty for a long time and then you will find yourself back to the case mentioned above.

Home Buying Tip 5

In some cases a building can be a great one until the sudden construction of a building near to it has caused its energy to change to the point that now it is not so good. This is very difficult to fix and most of the time we cannot determine the level of details until we do a walk through evaluation.

Home Buying Tip 6

A big question many people wonder is, “Can any building be corrected?”  Since buildings are man-made any building can, in theory, be corrected; however, some buildings require more corrections than others.  Some corrections could just be cosmetic and some require more expensive structural endeavors.  The only way to really gauge what a building will need is by doing a walk through inspection to assess the overall quality of the building and what needs to be corrected to make the building Feng Shui proof. This will also help you assess whether the cost for this correction is in your budget or if it will be more convenient for you to consider a different building.

In all these circumstances Feng Shui can go a long way to assist you in creating a new happy home or a successful new business or office location. I’ll be happy to discuss more on what’s needed for you to get started on the right foot from a Feng Shui inspection of a building you may be looking at, including the best time to sign the buying contract, the ideal time to begin moving into it, and the best day and time to have your grand opening.

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