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5 Feng Shui Rules for Buying a Good Feng Shui House

I have been practicing as Feng Shui Master for over 20 years and I have seen many choices of available real estate over the years, both residential and commercial. I also often consult for both buyers and developers so that everybody gets a good house in the end. Here are my 5 Feng Shui rules for Buying a House.

Naturally not every house is alike, so when you are in the process of buying or renting, here are some good Feng Shui rules to follow to make certain that what you are buying is a good Feng Shui house. And, if not perfect, don’t panic: a good Feng Shui Master can help you fix anything.

1) Good Energy Potential

The first rule of thumb is to determine how a building makes you feel. We are naturally attracted to a building that has good energy– not just a good design, but good potential and specially what we feel is good potential. Whether we know about Feng Shui or not, it is our natural instinct to go by our gut feeling.

Houses that have great energy attract occupants effortlessly, so they are less likely to be on the market for a long time. In my experience this is the underlining reason behind the so-called “curb appeal.”

2) Previous History

When selecting a new house there isn’t a “cookie cutter” approach to it simply because each house is very different from the next. The house orientation is different, its layout is different, the construction time is different. Luckily, as I said, a good Feng Shui Master can help you fix even the worse houses.

What I recommend to my students and clients is what I do myself: When in the process of buying or renting a building first inquire about the history of the previous occupants. If they were successful and moved to a larger or better location that is always a good sign.

If they did poorly, whatever had caused the problems for the previous occupants is more than likely going to effect any other occupant after them in a similar manner.

GOOD NEWS: you can still make a good Feng Shui house out of it by making Feng Shui changes, but will need to consult with a Feng Shui Master to find out what to fix it and determine the cost of fixing it. I recommend doing this before closing escrow, just in case you decide to back out of it if the house is too expensive to be fixed.

3) Long Time Empty or Vacant

Houses that have been on the market for a long time could be a red flag. In most cases a house that has remained unoccupied for a long time will signify that something is wrong with its energy (not attractive to people). In many cases the corrections can be quiet easy, easier than finding a new house if you really love this one and it has everything you always wanted. In this case also Feng Shui evaluation before moving in will also help you decide if the building can be corrected in with in your budget, or if it is more convenient for you to just choose a different one.

4) Great Bargains

When looking at a new house most of us are attracted by a great financial deal, but please look carefully into those. Most of the time if a house comes with a great deal it is because it has been empty for a long time and then you will find yourself back to the case mentioned above. This could also work out to your advantage thou: by paying less for the property, you’ll have some extra budget to do the Feng Shui corrections and end up with a great Feng Shui house after all.

5) Can Any House Be Corrected?

This is the million-dollar question: “Can any house be corrected?”

Since houses are man-made buildings, YES they all can be corrected; however, some buildings require more corrections than others.
Some corrections could just be just cosmetic – colors, materials, furniture layout.For some could be a more expensive structural endeavors.
The only way to really gauge what a house will need is by doing a walk through visit before moving in to assess the overall quality of the house and what needs to be corrected to make the building Feng Shui proof. This will help you also choose colors, floor finishing and furniture layout.
Overall, it will give you peace of mind and confidence that you are buy a really good Feng Shui house.

I’ll be happy to discuss more on what’s needed for you to get started on the right foot from a move-in Feng Shui inspection of the house you bought to the best time time to begin moving in.

Good luck in your perfect Feng Shui house search!

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