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3 Feng Shui Tips for Chinese New Year

As per my live presentation few weeks ago, Friday January 31st is when the New Chinese Year kicks in. Between then and the Spring Stand (February 5th), the old energy of 2013 will leave completely your house and the new energy, 2014 Wood Horse, will start effecting your life.

Here are some quick tips on how to attract as much of this new energy as possible.

1) Old, broken or unused got to go: everything in your life that is irreparably broken – objects especially – need to be repaired of discarded. Appliances, clothes, furniture, car, old papers are “breaking” your energy every time you attempt to use it and can’t. So if they cannot be repaired, they need to be replaced with  working ones. I know you think is not that easy, but as I am typing this, I am actually clearing all my file cabinets in my office. Easy? No! But it feels great when it is done and you’ll experience your energy raising exponentially as you make your way to the garbage bin.

2) Early Spring Cleaning: after removing any broken or unused object it is time to do a good spring cleaning. I am not going to be to particular about this. If you are very neat and want to do the proverbial toothbrush cleaning go right ahead. If you do not have a time and you want to do a vacuum-dust off cleaning that is fine too. No matter what, as you do it, you are cleaning AND shaking the energy in the space, allowing it to flow more. And because you have make space by getting rid of old stuff, that will have a “vacuum” effect in attracting new 2014 energy to fill up the space. As I am also experiencing it right now, I promise you’ll feel the difference immediately.

3) Rearrange your furniture: Everybody’s house is different. I just turned the room from where I broadcast my classes around to have better concentration with my students this year. As I have explained in my live presentation, different “energy” are going to occupy different areas this year and so you can rearrange the furniture to spend more time in the section of your house with better energy. I need to refer you again to that video because it address them all in details.

Have fun and enjoy bringing in more luck for 2014!

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