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2024 Year of the Dragon: A Great Time for New Beginnings

The long awaited 2024 Year of the Dragon is finally here. For Feng Shui connoisseurs, 2024 is an important landmark year.

2024 marks the beginning of a new “construction period” – meaning that houses built after 2024 will be energetically different from any house built prior.

Also, 2024 is the last construction period in the 3-Yuan-sequence and marks literally the transition between one long set of Yuan and the next.

Iching-trigram-LI-FIREJust like in a necklace you’ll have a clasp that links the left side to the right side so that they fit together seamlessly, so this Xuan Kong 9 will fit into Xuan Kong 1 of the new Yuan perfectly, marking the transition from the old set of Yuan to the next.

Iching-trigram-kan-waterIn fact, if you have a look at the Li Trigram which is the real meaning behind XK 9, and the Kan Trigram which is the meaning behind XK 1, you’ll see that they are Yin and Yang complementary (the broken lines – Yin – and the continuos lines – Yang – are complementary).

Nothing to be afraid of, just natural changes in time, using a different calendar than the one we are used to, but still following the same Sun-Earth-Seasons intervals.

In Feng Shui, of course, we know that changes in time also reflect into the physical space and particularly our homes -and our offices, and our schools, shops, hospital, museum. Every building in the world is affected by these changes.

And because each of us live in at least one building, every person in the world is also affected by these changes.

To these effects, lot of you have shared with me during this past year a strong desire of making changes in your life.

Some want to start dating after a painful divorce, some of you decided to go back to school, some quit their job or sold their business and they are ready to take on new challenges. Some have lost a close dear one and are forced to make changes even thou they’d prefer not having to do it.

When I look at all of that is going on in the Feng Shui universe and what my clients and students are experiencing, it looks to me this extensive push to change is not just a desire to compensate for the restriction of the pandemic. Nor just climate change. It is the natural manifestation of this energetic changes that is taking place in the natural world around us.

When I consulted the I-Ching in regard, the response was clear and a bit mind boggling. But with the I-Ching you better have some amusement about it. Always when you are looking at consulting the future one should have some amusement about it – and be prepared to accept whatever response is going to get.

In regard to this transition of 2024 the response I had – and I want to remind you that I do not divinate tossing the coins, but I use the Classical system using the Trigrams combination – is that of being prepared to “move”, and that fortune will be find in “moving” whether is physical or symbolic, like moving from one job to another, or from a relationship to another.

The I-Ching is also called Book of Changes because it emphasizes that in life changes is constant. The ancient Taoists were Masters at following the flow of Life because they realized that nothing is forever and changes were the only thing one could be sure of.

So, the Secret Source is not to avoid changes, but to make the best of it when they happen. And possibly have a little heads-up before they happen, which is what the I-Ching are for.

And here is the heads up the I-Ching are giving us: there are changes ahead, so be prepared to face them and make the best of it. Not by resisting them – what use is to try to stop a running train coming at you? One only gets hurt. But rather, “meditate” on the positive aspects that comes with those changes, and ride the their wave to the best of your ability.

I’ll give you an example:

My friend Mark (not real name) had been trying to get a promotion in the company that he worked for years and has been always passed over. In reality he is very hard working, qualified and capable and was working extra hours to deserve that promotion. And yet it wasn’t happening. I gave him a heads up about a week before that some intense changes were coming for him when the year changed. And I told him pretty much what I just wrote here – to be prepared to ride this change.

Out of the blue, a week later Mark’s company closed down his Department and Mark was made redundant. But in that previous week – since I warned him – Mark had already polish his resume and had decided that he’d be worth move to another job (anywhere) so that it could get the position he was working for (and the salary increase that came with it).

And so, when he was let go, Mark had already lined up interviews for the job of his dream, and in within a  month he had a new job, sold the old house, moved into a new city and bought a new house.

I must confess that I was surprised too at his efficiency. I was also very pleased that he’d got to make the best out of these changes so effectively. It can be done, and he did it. And so can you (even thou I expect that for most of us changes will not be as dramatic).

No matter if you have already began spinning your wheels for a change – by dreaming it, planning it, or setting things in motion to accomplish,  or if change finds you unexpectedly and possibly a bit unprepared – either way, this is the right time to embrace it and let it carries you in your next step.

And to assist you in making the best of this changes in 2024 we have available slots for consultation appointments, in-person and long-distance. Feng Shui can help you improve the energy of the house to support you in this changes – that is why it was created!

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