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Is it 2023 Yet ??? The Year of the Rabbit

It is almost mid-January, and it doesn’t really feel like we have left the struggles of 2022 behind just yet. 2022 was one of the most intense, destructive year we had in a while, including any of the last 3 years.

While most years can be favorable at least for some people, 2022 was one of those (rare) annus horribilis for everybody across the board.

And if seems there is still no end in sight, that is because the New Year’s energy moves with the seasons, and will began to show its effects as Spring unfolds.

Thou this year Chinese New Year is on January 22, the Li Chun (or Spring’s Beginning) is on February 4.

This is the time when the energy of the new year takes firm hold of the Earth and every building on it, and every building’s occupants begin to see the effects of the New Year.

So, do not despair if things seem still slow and uncertain, positive changes are coming.

Meanwhile, hang in there and take it easy because January 2023 is the last lousy month of a truly lousy year. Mind as well we let it pass.

Also, wait to start any digging in the yard or any house construction (or any building construction) until past February 4, 2023.

The chances of success will be exponentially higher.

Meanwhile, join us for our yearly forecast on February 4, 2023 at 11am PST for more details on how to make the best of this.

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