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Chinese New Year 2021 for the Year of the Ox starts on February 12 (at sun down of the night before).

Since we are all spending a lot more time in our homes than ever before, this the perfect time to have a Feng Shui Consultation for your home (and home office) to make sure the New Year will support your living and working environment at its best.

Here are my key tips on how to prepare your house and yourself to receive the prosperous vibrancy of this New Year:

Discard anything that is broken or unfixable. Even things you have meant to fix for a long time but have still been left sitting there. This can mean anything: clothing, furniture, bikes, cars, or anything that has just been sitting there collecting dust. The general rule is either fix it or toss it now. For every one of these broken or unfixable items is holding back a piece of your energy. However, the simple act of fixing or letting go of these items will release the quantum particle of your own energy you have left trapped in them. This is a technique to disengaged your energy from something that doesn’t work, so you can direct it towards more efficient pursuits.

Ideally, this is the very best time for an early spring cleaning. Though you may have already done so in preparation of the Winter Holidays, this is a spring cleaning with a purpose. While you are actually dusting off, brushing up, and polishing up things, you are also removing stagnant energy from every room of the house and opening up the space for the life-force of the New Year to come in.

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For the following 6-weeks, we’ll work together on decluttering, clearing and sprucing up our residence room by room, and we’ll get the energy flowing and thriving again.
You can have your housekeeper, or your friends and children helping you out. In fact, often because they are not as attached to the items involved as you are in the process, they may help you move through it all faster and more effectively.
This class will be recorded, and if you cannot attend Live, the Video recording links will be forwarded to you after each class.

Why is it so important to fix all these things before the New Year starts?

Because the newly arriving energy of the year can either be supportive for you or not supportive. This is especially true this Year for the Chinese sign of the Ox and the Sheep. If you are stuck for a whole year with un-supportive energy, all things that are precarious in your life—physically, financially, and in your relationships—will come back to haunt you over the next 12 months. And so, it is much easier preventing the drama from happening just by doing these few easy steps above.

Let me know when you’d like to schedule your consultation for the New Year. Since you are cleaning and decluttering your space, you might as well take this time to implement a little more Feng Shui! Call me at 310-860-8989 to schedule an appointment.

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