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2014 Year of the Wood Horse Feng Shui forecast

After the heavy constrains of 2013, which was a year ruled by star 5, known to cause delays, accidents, illnesses, and mis-communications, the year 2014 will feel, comparatively, like a breath of fresh air!

In fact, the ruler of 2014 is star Wood 4, which is known for promoting communications and social interactions; hence it is very good for PR, romance, and also for creativity (both in the arts and in scientific advancements).

In addition, 2013 was a year characterized by the Water Snake, and the Snake is a fire earthly branch, hence in conflict with the Water heavenly stem, causing the energy of 2013 to be unstable and out of balance and harmony. Yes, I think we can all relate to that happening at some point during the last year.

Comparatively though 2014, being the year of the Wood Horse, where the earthly branch Horse belongs to the fire element also, but this time it is in harmony with this year’s heavenly stem Wood, means that that difference will give 2014 much more stability, balance, and harmony overall.

There may be some exceptions, depending on a person’s unique Qi imprint or unique house Qi, but overall 2014 seems to present (on paper at least) much better potential than the previous year.

Those of you who have worked very hard last year just to see that project (or projects) stalled or that client selecting another venue will feel like the gate has finally opened and things will flow in again. And if you are in doubt of whether to break up the relationship you are in or hold on to it a bit longer (and that pertains to any kind of relationship really), my suggestion is to wait until after Spring Stand kicks in (that is February 5, the official Feng Shui beginning). You’ll be surprise on how the new, lighter, more harmonious energy will affect your thinking and the thinking and behavior of everybody else around you. Then you will be in a better place to make a decision.

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