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2014 Feng Shui Monthly Update: Is October Over Yet???

As I had mentioned few months ago when 2014 kicked off, the 2014 Feng Shui for the Year of the Wood Fire Horse was going to be “interesting”. As the year unfolds we are coming across even more interesting months.
First February (Tiger month, wood element, great enhancer of the Horse), practically pulverized us with its intensity and left us startled and unable to act on anything till the month was over (mid March).
Then June, a Horse month in a Horse year (see my previous post on this blog) was double Fire causing endless trouble to Rat people and North sitting buildings specially, but overall so bad it almost turned good for the majority (marvels of Yin and Yang).
And now what?
October, the Dog month. The Dog is the “other” enhancer of the Horse and holds the energy of Fire-Earth, making the energy of the year not only stronger, but “stubborn” because of the slowing effects that the Earth has on Fire.

With the exception of people who’s personal energy is favored by the Fire element, this year has not been easy to navigate. If you are a Wood element, then the Fire burns you; if you have Metal, the Fire melts you (even worse then burning you); if you have Water, such intense Fire will make the water evaporate; if you have Earth, it will push you over the edge. Even for some strong Fire people, more Fire could have been a challenge.

So as we observe the past few months going by, we saw August (Monkey – Metal Element) drained by the Year’s Fire; then September (Rooster month – Metal element) also drained by the Horse’s fire. If you felt unmotivated and inconclusive, now you know why.

And now October, with its Fire-Earth combination, is delivering another punch. So if you noticed everything being heavy, slow, stuck in the mud and are feeling temperamental about it, you are right on schedule.

The solar month of the Dog started on October 8 and will end on November 7.
We are almost past the midpoint, so things should be looking up from now on. However, if the month has hit you pretty hard so far, I’d wait till after November 7 to make all those very important decisions – buy a house, start a new business, sign ANY kind of legal paper. You’ll be amazes how much more clarity you’ll have once this month is over. Your perspective on things will probably be very different then.

On a similar note: Coming up in December is the Rat month (Water Element) which opposes full front the Horse Year. Opposition is the worse of all combination, so for sure this year will go out with a Bang. We can expect for it to be a really tough, exhausting, physically unhealthy month as well. Get ready by taking care of all “shaky” situations in your life before then. More updates when the month begins.

Nothing to worry if we have addressed the Feng Shui in your house before.

Take care  :-))

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