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Feng Shui Forecast 2013: The Year of the Water Snake

One way or another, we have managed to survive 2012. So now what?

Well, we’ve all already had one full month (January) to get over the fact that the rest of our life is still continuing, and now the Chinese New Year is suddenly here. This year is the year of the Water Snake (starts February 10).
Many fantasize that the Snake is not much different than the Dragon; hence the energy of this year will not be much different than last year. But this is not true at all. In fact, the Snake element is Fire (with hidden birth of Metal), which is not particularly harmonious with the Water of the year stem.

Hence, there is an inherit conflict between the two.

So in a sense, 2013 has more of the appearance of resembling 2010 or 2011 (years of Metal Wood, hence two conflicts as well) than 2012. And being a Yin year, these conflicts are going to be very much under the surface and will need to be dealt with diplomacy and tact not to escalate. Preventing them is even better: by careful dealings and negotiating, specially in business.

However, in my opinion, the more remarkable aspect overall is that this year has no Trigram, but it is represented by energy #5. You may have received an email chain-letter that has been going around for some time attempting to show #5 as a positive number that brings money. But actually, the number 5 brings “alternated fortunes,” most of which are not very positive.

‍Therefore, this is a year during which I would recommend using extreme caution in every kind of dealingsto avoid disasters, particularly accidents, losses, and business failures. (Do not be scared, it happens every 9 years; do you remember where you were in 2004? Think back to that to give you an idea of this energy.)

Overall, just move one step at a time and be very cautious.

And when designing new buildings or doing any structural renovations (either due to begin in 2013) the plans and site should be prepared under the supervision of a Feng Shui Master because moving the earth this year has potential for significant backlashes.

‍The abundance star for this year is in the NE section of the house, hence it is particularly lucky if your front door or your bedroom happens to be in this area.

The romance area is in the SE, but so is the Tai Sui, so if this is your bedroom’s location this can create some adventurous (or dangerous) liaisons. Be careful of indiscrete encounters and scandals.

The delay and sickness star is in the SW section of the house: to reduce this potential, use the Metal element in the SW from now until the next Chinese New Year. (This is not very good news for So. Cal. which is located in the SW area of the country, so be careful if you live there.)

Last but not least, this year and next year represent the peak of the construction cycle #8 and the awakening of cycle #9. I have been following the progress of this for the past few years, but you can also observe them yourself now. The most remarkable note about it is the passage from a Yang cycle (more oriented towards male qualities) as authoritative leadership, technology, and a more conservative approach to one’s lifestyle in general, to a Yin cycle (more oriented towards nature) where feminine aspects are valued more, like caring, nourishing, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance (and not only in women but also in men).

In addition, women in general will be receiving more appreciation and respect, not just for their appearance, but also for qualities (the ones mentioned above) that have been underestimated as a sign of weakness before. These attributes will be progressively appreciated much more now, and considered of high spiritual nature.

So you can still be a fierce leader, you’ll just be respected more for your ability to be part of a “team,”bringing true cohesiveness to it and fostering the overall productivity through the synergistic efforts of all involved rather than just being the “boss” who orders others around.

Let me know if you need any assistance to set up your house, office, or business for this New Year with Feng Shui in mind to help you achieve all the goals you have for 2013. And if you are building a new property, also remember that the ideal time to review the floor plans is at the early stages of design and definitely before breaking ground.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Happy 2013!

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