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Feng Shui Forecast 2012: The Year of the Water Dragon

And so, 2012 is here.  Yes, the “all so much talked about” 2012 is finally here!   Of course we are all aware that the past few years have seen drastic changes in both the political and economical structure of the world, but does this mean the world is going to end in 2012 like many popular fiction novels and media are suggesting? Certainly not.

So, what then should we be—realistically– expecting from 2012?First, we must remember that the Dragon always carries the pearl of opportunities, hence we should expect a year of great potential and possibilities. But, how to tap into it?
Then, there are three main points to consider in the short and long run:

1)   Reaching the midpoint of the construction cycle 8 and the beginning of cycle 9.

“Construction cycle” sounds like a rather technical term, but in a nutshell it means the energy that contributes to a building’s imprint is also based on the building’s construction time. This construction time is really the expression of changes in the effects of the solar wind on the Earth’s deeper layers.  Consequently, all living beings are affected by it-– physically, mentally, and emotionally.

As it is now we have been in this current construction time since 2004 and we’ll be reaching its peak in 2014. However, when affecting such large masses, changes do not happen overnight. So as we approach that time the effects of the “shift” are going to become progressively more visible. This process is going to last another 20 years before changing again.

Amongst the more visible effects of this change occurring are:

  • The strongest prosperity direction has started to move from the Northeast section of the world to the South. For example, we’ll see Africa become more of the focus for trade and resources in the next few years. This doesn’t mean that the NE will go poor overnight, but its success will fade progressively.
  • The spotlight will turn to the “female” aspects of humanity. This will manifest both with more attention to women– not in a 90’s “sexual-young-thing” manner, but rather a bit more toward older women and the aspects of nourishing and wisdom that they can provide to society. We have seen this happening already in movies, TV fiction, and music, which are the first to catch up with changes (the virtue of creative minds). Also, this ‘frequency’ is not limited to women only. We’ll see men become more in touch with their ability to nurture and be wise—a.k.a. be more into their “feminine side” if you want to put it that way.
  • The combination of cycle 8 (male) and cycle 9 (female) in a productive relation is going to bring more harmony in relationships as well. Also, since 9 relates to the heart in people, we should expect to not only see more caring and loving romantic relationships, but also every relationship will benefit from people being more loving in general. Overall, this will bring more group interactions in business relationships, and possibly even the shift to community finances rather than the self-centered power we have experienced in the past few cycles.
  • In addition, the combination of cycle 8 (mountain) and cycle 9 (fire) creates the image of the “erupting volcano.” And just like the pressure the fiery, hidden lava brings to the surface to create new land, the whole heartedness of the 9 cycle will also breed truth and transparency, bringing what was “hidden” to the surface to create new ways of expression and for people to interact. 8 is also “technology” (internet) and 9 is “truth” (being revealed), so it is not by accident that the development of the World Wide Web has contributed tremendously to the global access of information.
  • Since this “shift” will continue and increase progressively for the next 20 years– and probably in ways we can’t even guess right now– my suggestion is to often just go with the flow and make the best of it. Attempting to fight it will only cause increasing obstacles and frustration. It is best to go for tolerance and relinquish all reasons related to vanity and pride.

2)   2012 Year of the Water Dragon: Energy from the Heavens

Overall this year’s energy appears to be contrasting because of the water and the Dragon, whose energy is usually related to the Earth element (and Earth soaks the water).  However, the Dragon hides “water roots,” hence giving a manifestation on the Earth to some of the “water” energy from the Heavens.

Therefore, we may experience 2012 as being a year that is a bit more harmonious overall than 2010 and 2011 were. And ironically many projects that have been stalling during the past two years may finally reach their “destination” this year.

The abundance of water is generally not seen as favorable as it normally relates to disasters (hence the popular belief of “increasing disasters by water” this year); however, I’d stress that the Dragon is not a pure water element and some of the water will still be soaked up by the Earth, so it will not be as bad as some may think.  Rather, in this case, the water element brings intelligence, humility, and inner strength, so if we focus on connecting with these aspects of the yearly energy we will make it through safely and blossom in ways that weren’t possible in the past two years.

And although each individual will be affected a bit differently based on their individual Qi characteristics, overall we can see that most of the effects will be felt on a financial level- – on a global scale– so again, the use of intelligence and humility in dealing with this aspect of our life is going to be crucial.

3)   2012 Year of the Qian Trigram: Energy from the Earth

Strictly on a Feng Shui level, the energy of 2012 is going to be ruled by the Qian Trigram, which is associated with the element of metal.

The Qian Trigram is highly authoritative and rather controlling. But it also promotes accomplishments of tasks, even difficult ones, with structure and discipline.  It is not one of the most creative vibes, but rather one that gets the job done rain or shine.  This tells us that the incoming year will be pervaded by this quality and with the adoption of more rigid structures-– socially, politically, and financially–- which may cause people to feel a bit oppress. It also has a level of isolation, which may cause people to feel lonely.

However, because of its “drive to achieve,” 2012 will also promote entrepreneurship and hard work, even when long-term results are not yet visible.

In the SW area of the U.S. (like in Southern CA, which at the moment is the weaker direction), there is an above average potential for the “ground to shake.”  This can mean both the social structure as well as the physical ground. Although it is only a potential, it may be worth it to make sure your earthquake insurance is up-dated. Other than that, the use of intelligence, tolerance, and group effort are the keys to making it through the year safely.

Happy 2012!

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